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Glee Season 6 Episode 10 – TV Review

Glee The Rise And Fall Of Sue Sylvester Kitty

Obtuse, frustrating static.

Is it fair to say that my recent tolerance for Glee is related to Kitty’s increased prominence?

Yeah, I reckon.

Every little bit helps.

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Glee Season 6 Episode 5 – TV Review

Glee The Hurt Locker Part 2 Sue Billy doll Saw

Glee: queen of oldmeme.

Sam’s retarded hypnosis from last episode wasn’t enough, so it’s time to break out the Saw parody hostage situation.

Yet this episode is somehow far more bearable than last week’s jaw-dropping shitfest.

Would it be too much to hope that last week really was as bad as Glee can get, and everything from here on will be mildly better?

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Glee Season 6 Episode 4 – TV Review

Glee The Hurt Locker Part 1 Sue's shrine

A sight nobody should be forced to endure.

Glee has always been my favourite whipping boy, but this episode has finally pushed me to question just what extremes I’m willing to accept in my mission to hate-watch.

Every time I think Glee has finally, finally hit rock bottom, Ryan Murphy busts out the dynamite and blows the bottom clear away, revealing more sprawling, cavernous depths of unbearable retardation.

For example, the plot of this episode hinges on hypnosis.

I’ve never said “Oh my fucking God” in rage so many times in a forty minute period.

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Glee Season 6 Episodes 1 and 2 – TV Review

Glee Loser Like Me Blaine breakup

One of Blaine’s rarely seen appropriate emotional reactions.

Yes, after praising our seven Glee-free months, the hideous juggernaut is back to make its final, undignified march to conclusion.

Thank God. I’ve missed my whipping boy.

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Glee Season 5 Episode 1 – TV Review

Glee Rachel Santana Hard Day's Night premiere

Hey, Quinn already went there. It could happen.

This episode’s title is “Love, Love, Love.”

Nice try, Glee, but we’re not that easily brainwashed.

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TV Review: Glee Season 4 Episode 9

Glee Kurt NYADA letter acceptance got in

“Because fuck continuity. Did you really think the creator’s pet would ever truly fail?” -Ryan Murphy

So yeah, I wasn’t too fond of Kurt’s plot lines following his rejection from NYADA.

But dammit, I was just happy to see him not arbitrarily get something because he wants it and he’s Kurt.

Well, Glee gets the last laugh on this one.

And all I get is this stupid blog post.

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TV Review: Glee Season 4 Episode 7

Glee superhero club

Although, Glee is Satan’s favourite show. Next to 2 Broke Girls, obv.

So, apparently a Rapture preparedness club wasn’t retarded enough for Glee.

No, now we need a superhero club. Like a “wearing superhero costumes around school for no reason” thing.

Did Ryan Murphy break out some fucking heroin while browsing Avengers porn on 4chan?

Not that I’ve ever done that.

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