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iZombie Season 2 Episodes 18 and 19 – TV Review

iZombie Dead Beat Peyton

That’s an attack on Once Upon a Time, by the way.

Will iZombie truly shirk the water-treading fluff of its mid-season sag, and capitalise on the impressive build its made over the last few episodes towards its season finale?


Thank God, yes.

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iZombie Season 2 Episode 17 – TV Review

Just kidding. Aside from The Vampire Diaries, and Nina Dobrev’s departure sealed that deal, The CW is pretty hot right now.

I mean, are you watching Crazy Ex-Girlfriend? Incredible.

iZombie’s not too shabby, either. But it was touch and go for a while there.

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iZombie Season 2 Episode 8 – TV Review

As The Originals thankfully highlighted one its long-neglected characters this week, so too does iZombie.

It’s Babineaux’s time to shine, baby.

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iZombie Season 2 Episode 1 – TV Review

iZombie Grumpy Old Liv soccer joke

You gotta keep up with your I Just Hate Everything in-jokes, baby.

Thank Paris, it’s finally CW season premiere week. I no longer have to endure just Scream Queens and my ABC soaps.

Zombie Veronica Mars is back, bitches. And she knows everything. Because she eats peoples’ brains and absorbs their memories.

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