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CBF Review: Compliance

Compliance Becky Dreama Walker

A true crime.

I actually feel really sucky about giving Compliance a CBF Review.

I genuinely thought it was fantastic and wasn’t far off considering it for an It’s Not Shit entry (that’s 2 close calls this week).

Hell, it’s even my 3rd 4 star review this week.

But I don’t really have much to say about Compliance. It’s just a pretty good movie.

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TV Review: Jersey Shore Season 6 Episode 12

Jersey Shore Deena drunk vagina

My idol.

Every episode I watch of Jersey Shore I find it harder and harder to have something to say about them. Because nothing happens.

I get that we’ve only got 1 episode left (forever), but this wind-down is brutal.

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It’s Not Shit: Magic Mike

Magic Mike Channing Tatum Matt Bomer Alex Rodriguez stripping

“It’s the sound of our abs rippling.”

So many abs.



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