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Pretty Little Liars Season 6 Episode 8 – TV Review

PLL FrAmed Rhys Matthews

Nah, bro.

But I would believe you if you said you were a horrendously visible red herring.

I mean, can it really be this easy, A?

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TV Review: Cult Season 1 Episode 1

Cult Alona Tal

“It’s the script to the Veronica Mars movie! Pity Meg died in season 2. Oh well, fingers crossed for Cult!”

Fuck, it’s been ages since we had a brand new show here on I Just Hate Everything.

And Cult is very (and I mean very) CW. Which is both fantastic and disappointing.

You’ll see.

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TV Review: Gossip Girl Season 6 Episode 3

Gossip Girl season 6 Sage fashion show underwear

No 2nd caption necessary.

So Sage is pretty much in every scene this episode.

And the other major subplot involves Rufus and Ivy’s fuck sesh.

Kill me now.

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