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Revenge Season 4 Episode 7 – TV Review

Revenge Margaux sauna Ambush

Louise is a fan of the classics.

It’s about time we got a little slasher movie flavour back in Revenge.

It feels like an age since Tyler’s trigger-happy days.

Thank goodness Louise is also horny, smooth, and batshit insane.

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TV Review: Pretty Little Liars Season 3 Episode 20

Pretty Little Liars Hanna little boy blue costume

It doesn’t count if you’re not fucking wearing it. God!

It just doesn’t feel like PLL with Hanna wearing good outfits all the time. What is this?

In other news, they must have funneled their experimental Hanna fashion budget into their “ridiculous soap opera action scenes” department.

Following last week’s lift crash, this episode we’ve got both a car accident and the ol’ stuck-in-a-sauna bit.

Not bad, actually.

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