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I Don’t Care Anymore: The Bachelor Australia 2015 Premiere Week – Blog

The Bachelor Australia 2015 Sam Wood face

Eh. I’d risk it.

I lost interest in The Bachelor Australia last year. Mostly because Blake was a butterface with a pinched arsehole for a mouth. I fast forwarded a lot of rose ceremonies last year.

This year, I’m already fast forwarding through the dates.

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They’ve Got The (tiny bit of) Power: Big Brother Australia 2014 Launch – Blog

Big Brother Australia 2014 Launch

Dunno yet.

Another year, another mostly tolerable Big Brother launch night.

Channel 9’s reality shows may not be soaring, interesting, or creative. But they are regular.

Which is more than we can say for The Mole. Poor The Mole.

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CBF Review: Compliance

Compliance Becky Dreama Walker

A true crime.

I actually feel really sucky about giving Compliance a CBF Review.

I genuinely thought it was fantastic and wasn’t far off considering it for an It’s Not Shit entry (that’s 2 close calls this week).

Hell, it’s even my 3rd 4 star review this week.

But I don’t really have much to say about Compliance. It’s just a pretty good movie.

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