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The Conjuring – Film Review

The Conjuring Vera Farmiga Lorraine Warren collar blouse

Change. Nothing.

Vera Farmiga, thank god for you.

Oh, it’s pretty scary and cool, too.

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CBF Review: The Master

The Master Philip Seymour Hoffman

As a fellow heavy, I’m allowed to say it.

Unlike Compliance, I’m giving The Master a CBF Review for the genuine purpose I started doing them for:

I just don’t give a fuck about it.

Dat lack of profundity.

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TV Review: Parks and Recreation Season 5 Episode 14

Parks and Recreation wedding kiss

And not as adorable as Liz Lemon’s wedding.

I am here to spread dissatisfaction.

What? Somebody has to dampen all this love and sincere emotion.

It’s the only thing that keeps my filthy humanity at bay. Fuck empathy.

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TV Review: Parks and Recreation Season 5 Episode 12

Parks and Rec vagina uterus cartoon Ann

That lipstick ain’t lipstick.

It’s menstrual blood. The joke is that it’s menstrual blood.

So with 30 Rock dead and buried (embalmed in my tears!), it’s up to Parks and Rec to pick up the NBC sitcom slack.

Yeah, good luck with that.

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TV Review: Parks and Recreation Season 5 Episode 10

Parks and Recreation bachelorette party hangover

How does Amy Poehler know what my wake-up face looks like?

I think I should just start off by saying that the above image is not capturing a hangover. Because nobody gets sufficiently drunk this episode, which seems like a real missed opportunity. Because the Parks and Recreation characters are perfection when they’re binge drinking.

Nevertheless, we still get a good combo of penis hats, pretentious hipster bars, another political guest star (Newt Gingrich. Because somebody at NBC thought that’d be cute?) and some more progress on Lot 48.

Oh, and penis gummies.

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TV Review: Parks and Recreation Season 5 Episode 9

Parks and Recreation Tammy 2 Ron Megan

I hear this in Karen’s voice. And it’s even hotter.

Ah yes, the triumphant return of Tammy 2.

And she’s as sex-crazed and violent as ever.

I finally feel represented on this show.

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TV Review: Parks and Recreation Season 5 Episode 7

Parks and Recreation Anne April Leslie mediation yell

Girl Power isn’t all Spice Girls and lesbian fantasies.

Yes, it’s more filler.

But it’s character-relevant filler, dammit.

And that’s what a sitcom should be.

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