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The Tomorrow People Season 1 Episode 3 – TV Review

The Tomorrow People Stephen shirtless Robbie Amell

This is The CW, and you are an Amell. You knew the rules.

Huh, I feel like I need to somewhat retract my blind apathy about The Tomorrow People from last episode.

I’m still going to stick to my 5 episode allowance, but this one gives me some semblance of hope.

There might be more to stick around for than just Robbie Amell’s bare chest.

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The Tomorrow People Season 1 Episode 2 – TV Review

The Tomorrow People Stephen Robbie Amell abs

The cornerstone of The CW’s post-Gossip Girl empire.

Gosh, I’m finding The Tomorrow People to be a bit of a dull slog.

I think I’m gonna have to give this a maximum of 5 episodes to hook me, otherwise I’m out.

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The Tomorrow People Season 1 Episode 1 – TV Review

The Tomorrow People Stephen Robbie Amell

I’m not kidding. Everything is blue.

I didn’t have such a good time with the last couple of new CW shows I’ve tried.

But hey, it’s got an Amell in it. So the eye candy quota is there, at least.

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Struck By Lightning – Film Review

Struck By Lightning dead Carson Kurt

No spoiler alert necessary. It’s in the title.

Well, Joffrey Lannister can step the fuck aside. I’ve found the worst human being in a movie or TV show ever.

It’s like Chris Colfer took everything that was wrong with Kurt, then recycled him into the screen-hogging main character of a movie that is essentially just an ego stroking revenge fantasy.

Seriously, this movie is a fucking atrocity.

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CBF Review: Paranormal Activity 4

Paranormal Activity 4 Blair Witch Project

At least they learned something from The Blair Witch Project.

Horror CBF Reviews are becoming frequent. I’m losing my passion for the genre.

But come on, it’s fucking Paranormal Activity. 4.

It’s just the same old shit. You know it.

And it wasn’t as good as 3. Boo.

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