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Non-Stop – It’s Not Shit

Non-Stop Liam Neeson Julianne Moore text projection

I know the audience appreciates it.

Liam Neeson.

Julianne Moore.

Plane thriller.

Who knew the recipe to happiness was so simple?

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Pretty Little Liars Season 4 Episode 7 – TV Review

Pretty Little Liars Emily legs

Though it would be hard to compete with dem legs.

Hanna Fashionistard Counter:
This week is a bummer.
Our count is now 5 in the stink, 2 in the pink (the colour pink being better than stinky. Don’t overthink my terrible puns).

Hanna’s mixture of bland and bizarre outfits aside, you can look forward to trespass, vandalism, theft, and vehicular damage this episode.

You know, the usual.

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TV Review: Gossip Girl Season 6 Episode 9

Gossip Girl Serena Sage Ivy Georgina Revengers

And this time we’re doing it right. Except Sage. Ew.

Umm, what the fuck did I just watch?

What happened to you, Gossip Girl? You used to be unbearably awful.

Don’t give me this “actually watchable, decent drama and fabulous scheming” shit now that you’ve only got 1 episode left.

Fucking douchebag.

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