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Ciao, 2018 – Blog

I’d actually forgotten that I usually post one of these on New Year’s Eve.

So it’s gon’ be a rushed disappointment.

If only we could say the same about 2018, because goddamn, did it feel long.

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Ciao, 2017 – Blog

Cheryl will always do red on red.

Which is one of the few constants of 2017.

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Ciao, 2016 – Blog


We don’t talk about 2016.

Except for now. And only very briefly.


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Ciao, 2015 – Blog


No grand proclamations this year.

I just want to get drunk, already.

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Ciao, 2014 – Blog

NYE 2014 Kai

Can you believe it’s New Year’s Eve again, already?

It feels like it was only a year ago.

2014 may not have been as up and down as 2013.

Mainly because it was mostly down.

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