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Ciao, 2020 – Blog

NYE 2020

I know it’s been quiet here on the blog this year. And yes, it is largely due to Dynasty not being able to film earlier thanks to COVID.

But it’s an annual tradition, so here we go!

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Ciao, 2019 – Blog

It’s finally over. What is it with years in this decade ending in multiples of three being just the worst?

Nothing like ending the year on The Rise of Skywalker and Cats to leave a lasting taste in your mouth about 2019, huh?

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Ciao, 2018 – Blog

I’d actually forgotten that I usually post one of these on New Year’s Eve.

So it’s gon’ be a rushed disappointment.

If only we could say the same about 2018, because goddamn, did it feel long.

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Ciao, 2017 – Blog

Cheryl will always do red on red.

Which is one of the few constants of 2017.

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Ciao, 2016 – Blog


We don’t talk about 2016.

Except for now. And only very briefly.


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Ciao, 2015 – Blog


No grand proclamations this year.

I just want to get drunk, already.

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Ciao, 2014 – Blog

NYE 2014 Kai

Can you believe it’s New Year’s Eve again, already?

It feels like it was only a year ago.

2014 may not have been as up and down as 2013.

Mainly because it was mostly down.

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