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The Haunting in Connecticut 2: Ghosts of Georgia – CBF Review

The Haunting in Connecticut 2: Ghosts of Georgia slave hatch Emily Alyn Lind

“And I’m not even black. God!”

Another post, another CBF Review for a horror/thriller film.

Maybe I’m not really a fan of the genre, and my whole film fan identity is a lie?

Or maybe this is just a mediocre sequel to a mediocrity-straddling (apart from the radiant Virginia Madsen) original?

It’s the latter. I’m sure.

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Arrow Season 2 Episode 2 – TV Review

Arrow season 2 Laurel

“It’s called ‘be the least helpful love interest ever.'”

Goddammit, Laurel.

I know I said I wanted more Katie Cassidy in my life. But I wanted her to not be an obstructive bitch with a petty vendetta against someone she knows full well isn’t a jerk.

Like, did you even care about Tommy that much?

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BATGit Insane: Beauty and the Geek Australia Premiere – Blog

Beauty and the Geek Australia Nathan war dance challenge

Sadly, he doesn’t win.

Already watched Australia’s worst dating show?

Well, now you can watch the second worst.

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Sushi Girl – Film Review

Sushi Girl Crow Mark Hamill

Sushi Gurl, to be precise.

I haven’t seen Reservoir Dogs.

But I do have access to the Internet and, by extension, Wikipedia synopses.

So yeah, Sushi Girl is more than a little bit influenced by it.

It’s got a naked chick and Mark Hamill, though.

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TV Review: Revenge Season 2 Episode 10

Revenge season 2 Emily smile

Alliteration is fun!

I was honestly considering discontinuing my riveting and highly insightful coverage of Revenge.

But goddammit, Emily. Way to pull out a semi-interesting episode just as I was about to give you the flick.

You cute-ass blonde bitch.

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Film Review: The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2 Kristen Stewart Bella Robert Pattinson Edward vampires

“Hey, where are they going?”

I feel like making fun of Twilight is too easy.

So it’s perfect for me!

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Film Review: Prometheus

Prometheus Charlize Theron

Shh, Charlize. That expressionless monster can’t find you here. Good luck with the actual monsters, though.

Hmm, pretentious sort-of prequel to classic space horror?

Proceed with caution.

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TV Review: The Glee Project Season 2 Episode 10

The Glee Project Aylin burqua head scarf

“Did you know I’m a Muslim? I know, right! Can you believe it? Because I’ve never mentioned it before ever!”

Guh…still…can’t get over…PLL.

Oh well, what better way to disappoint myself than to watch The Glee Project?

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TV Review: The Glee Project Season 2 Episode 9

The Glee Project Lily Aylin hook up kiss

No, seriously, can you? I swear there’s not a camera in there. At least not one you can see.

So the theme this episode is “Romanticality.”

Yeah, I think the word you’re looking for there, guys, is “Romance.”

So we’re off to a good start.

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TV Review: The Glee Project Season 2 Episode 8

The Glee Project Ali Blake kiss

“Yes! Now shut up and kiss me!”

One of the things I missed most while I was out eating myself to even an earlier grave on the high seas (I was on a cruise, remember? No? You don’t care about me) was The Glee Project. There’s something about these little wannabes that is really life affirming.

Kinda the opposite of Glee, then.

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