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Once Upon a Time Season 3 Episode 6 – TV Review

Once Upon a Time Regina Ursula evil queen

Get it?

It’s been a while since we had a new Disney princess on the scene. Were Mulan and Sleeping Beauty the last ones?

Well, it’s Ariel. If the episode title, “Ariel,” didn’t give it away for you.

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The Original Ravens of Wonderland: I Just Hate Everything’s Spin-off Face-off – Blog

Ravenswood Once Wonderland The Originals

A little while ago I was eagerly and warily anticipating the arrival of 3 spin-offs of some of my favourite shows:

Well, the gang’s all here now. Which means it’s time to choose which one is the best.

Always be judgemental, baby.

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Ravenswood Season 1 Episode 1 – TV Review

Ravenswood Olivia homecoming red paint

I think she would have settled for a tarp, to be honest.

Ravenswood can’t possibly last more than one season.

This is the same weak shit we saw with The Secret Circle, and ABC Family is far less edgy than The CW.

And the leads are Caleb and the sister from Beauty & the Beast?

Come on.

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Pretty Little Liars Season 4 Episode 13 – TV Review

PLL Halloween Alison I'm back bitches

The line always belonged to her.

Hanna Fashionistard Counter:
Divine. Really.
Our count is now 8 I hate, 5 are great.

The outfits are better than last year, Alison is finally revealed, and there’s a mausoleum hidden passageway mystery.

Unfortunately, it’s also a backdoor pilot for Ravenswood. And PLL does it far less gracefully than TVD.

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Pretty Little Liars Season 4 Episode 12 – TV Review

Pretty Little Liars Aria magic show summer finale

Not for play play.

Hanna Fashionistard Counter:
I wanted to to give her a break, but there’s a piece on each outfit this week that I just couldn’t ignore. And I deserve this. I can’t be generous 2 weeks in a row.
Our count is now 8 malign, 4 sublime.

It was always going to be difficult topping last season’s Summer finale. And predictably, this one doesn’t quite reach the utter WTFness of that one.

But hey, we’ve got another A revelation. And this one is a fuckton juicier than Toby.

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Pretty Little Liars Season 4 Episode 11 – TV Review

Pretty Little Liars Cece A hoodie

Because “bitches” is too vanilla for Cece.

Hanna Fashionistard Counter:
This week I’ll give the poor thing a rest. Imma just let her live, you know?
Our count is now 7 poor, 4 score.

That’s right, Cece’s back in town. And a scene all but confirms she is Red Coat.

But this is a show where Aria exists, so you know in this universe, nothing is simple.

Not even something like owning a particularly coloured coat.

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Pretty Little Liars Season 4 Episode 10 – TV Review

Pretty Little Liars Emily Hanna together

Emily also likes vaginas, so I’m not sure I’d trust her judgement.

Hanna Fashionistard Counter:
This week needs a straitjacket (as opposed to her actual jacket).
Our count now is 7 bad, 3 I’m glad.

More Radley stuff.


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