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I Don’t Care Anymore: The Bachelor Australia 2015 Premiere Week – Blog

The Bachelor Australia 2015 Sam Wood face

Eh. I’d risk it.

I lost interest in The Bachelor Australia last year. Mostly because Blake was a butterface with a pinched arsehole for a mouth. I fast forwarded a lot of rose ceremonies last year.

This year, I’m already fast forwarding through the dates.

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Mis-four-tune: The Bachelor Australia 2014 – Blog

The Bachelor Australia 2014 Lisa Jessica Louise Sam

Lisa is clearly the winner.

Yes, the final four are all terrible.

Don’t act like you didn’t know that already.

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Budget Cuts: The Bachelor Australia 2014 Premiere Week – Blog

The Bachelor Australia Blake small mouth

Yes. Maybe take your shirt off to divert attention.

Like, really? Decent bodies are a dime a dozen for models-slash-actors. Are we expected to fall passionately in love with Blakey Baby Mouth?

Tim might have been fake as fuck, but so is everything about this show, so it’s not like that was a handicap.

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