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Tiger House – Film Review

Tiger House Kaya Scodelario gun

“They made me more useless than Peeta, for fuck’s sake!”

I didn’t want to spend the money to go see The Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials this week. So I thought I’d settle for a low profile, British thriller that happens to also star Kaya Scodelario.

I feel confident I made the better choice.

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Eye Candy Season 1 Episode 3 – TV Review

Eye Candy HBTU Lindy drugged

Or, for us real acoholics, “weekday morning” face.

Well well, things are starting to pick up.

The cops are on the right trail. And Gay Friend even gets his own subplot.

Eye Candy’s growing up.

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The Call – Film Review

The Call Halle Berry bad hair perm

Just shave it and wig that shit. It’s the only option.

It’s the day of disappointing endings here on I Just Hate Everything.

But if Texas Chainsaw 3D was bizarre and stupid, The Call was just downright offensive.

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TV Review: Cult Season 1 Episode 4

Cult puzzle septic tank UV light

Hey, every show has to be good at something.

I think it’s time to accept that Cult is one of those shows that will take forever to build up to an acceptable level.

I mean, even TVD started off a bit bleh, and look how good the second half of season 1/all of season 2 was?

I still don’t see this making it that far, though.

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TV Review: Pretty Little Liars Season 3 Episode 23

Pretty Little Liars Malcolm Aria

Immortal hell beast!

I would have hoped that with only 1 more episode to go for the season, we wouldn’t be subjected to this boring trash.

Yeah, Malcolm gets kidnapped and the Liars raid a morgue, but it’s all so fucking droll.

Obvious padding.

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