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Film Review: Red Dawn (2012)

Red Dawn CGI

That’s not the only thing.

I made the same mistake here that I did with this week’s episode of Cult. Namely, watching something better beforehand.

The night before I watched Red Dawn, I watched Tomorrow, When the War Began.

Compared to the books, it isn’t that great. But compared to Red Dawn, it is a fucking masterpiece.

Red Dawn is crap, is what I’m saying.

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CBF Review: The Possession

The Possession Jeffrey Dean Morgan hand mouth

You need some pointers.

This CBF Review is brought to you by genre-induced laziness.

The Possession isn’t terribly boring, terribly meaningless, or terribly terrible.

It’s just a standard, mildly creepy horror film.

At least Kyra “Kevin Bacon’s wife and the motherfucking Closer” Sedgwick and Jeffrey Dean “I already have a middle name, jerk” Morgan are here to party.

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