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Once Upon a Time Season 6 Episode 12 – TV Review

OUaT Murder Most Foul David Hook

He’s the Drew Baird of Storybrooke.

Uncork your litre bottles of Sauv Blanc now, baby. It’s a Hook and David episode.

Jesus fucking Christ.

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Once Upon a Time Season 5 Episode 19 – TV Review

OUaT Sisters Cruella James

Then why is the episode titled “Sisters?”

The episode is titled “Sisters” because James gets thrown away like trash, while Zelena and Regina come together over a just-mentioning-it-now magical contrivance. Courtesy of Cora.

Who goes to Heaven.

So yeah, not a good episode.

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Once Upon a Time Season 5 Episode 15 – TV Review

OUaT The Brothers Jones David Cruella

And David is no substitute for a real man, but again, we’re desperate, here.

The good news is that Cruella’s still around.

The bad news is that Once Upon a Time is doubling down on last episode’s pointless, minor character sob/backstory schtick by bringing back Hook’s brother. Who is even less valuable to events than Gold’s slutty wife.

All the dead characters in the world to choose from, and we get Bernard Curry. Good grief.

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Bates Motel Season 3 Episode 8 – TV Review

Bates Motel Taxidermy Norman Norma in bed together

Because she’s Vera Farmiga. It’s inevitable.

This episode breaks my heart.

What little of it that hasn’t been pickled yet.

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Bates Motel Season 3 Episode 7 – TV Review

Bates Motel Peep Hole Norman Norma hug

I mean, I assume. He is a teenage boy, right?

So Norman and Norma are reunited.

It takes a few rough turns to get there, though.

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BATGit Insane: Beauty and the Geek Australia Premiere – Blog

Beauty and the Geek Australia Nathan war dance challenge

Sadly, he doesn’t win.

Already watched Australia’s worst dating show?

Well, now you can watch the second worst.

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Spring Breakers – Film Review

Spring Breakers Ashley Benson I love penis

I don’t think they were paying much attention in school, anyway.

Ordinarily I try to not base ratings too heavily on my personal feelings.

Because, as a bitchy, terrible-as-a-human-being hipster, I don’t have that many (most of the time).

But fuck it, I’m rating this absolute piece of shit pretentious cunt of a movie down, baby.

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