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I Don’t Care Anymore: The Bachelor Australia 2015 Premiere Week – Blog

The Bachelor Australia 2015 Sam Wood face

Eh. I’d risk it.

I lost interest in The Bachelor Australia last year. Mostly because Blake was a butterface with a pinched arsehole for a mouth. I fast forwarded a lot of rose ceremonies last year.

This year, I’m already fast forwarding through the dates.

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Texas Chainsaw 3D (but not in 3D) – Film Review

Texas Chainsaw 3D Alexandra Daddario Heather

The horror. The boring, boring horror.

Otherwise known as “The Movie Where You Almost See The Girl From Percy Jackson‘s Tits.”

I’m both happy about and let down by this.

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Scary Movie 5 – Film Review

Scary Movie 5 Ashley Tisdale

It’s been in there a while.

I was so close to not even bothering reviewing this at all.

But if I can give fucking Breaking Wind the time of day, I guess I owe at least that much to the zombified remains of Anna Faris‘ abandoned franchise.

Ashley Tisdale should really consider throwing a Bynes or a Miley if this is where her career is at, though.

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It’s Not Shit: Silent Hill: Revelation

Silent Hill Revelation Malcolm McDowell

Who knew?

Sometimes I’ll say a movie’s not shit because I’m an unabashed fan of the series or genre.

Sometimes it’s because I’m pleasantly surprised at the not-shitness of something I assumed would be, well, shit.

Silent Hill: Revelation is a delicious combination.

Like hot chips in a strawberry thickshake.

Seriously, try it.

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