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Grimm Season 3 – Season Review

Grimm Season 3 Nick David Giuntoli shirtless

This is what Grimm needs more of.

It’s a shame that my memory of season 3 is mostly coloured by the end of it.

And that spells trubel.

Yes. “Trubel.”

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Grimm Season 2 – Season Review

Grimm Nick David Giuntoli

“Shutup baby, I know it.”

Like Happy Endings, I had been watching Grimm on the DL.

Unlike Happy Endings, I’m happy to review this show. Because it’s often awful.

But damn, David Giuntoli is attractive. And he’s a nice, Italian boy I can take home to mama.

If he’s still the lead character, I’ll keep watching this show until it dies (hopefully soon, because it’s pretty bad).

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A Year (and 2 weeks) of I Just Hate Everything – Blog

So yeah, as the Best Of lists might have made you realise, it’s been a whole year since I Just Hate Everything got its shit started.

So I thought I’d just take a second to check in. You know, see how you are.

How are you?

Did you buy that? Of course not. You know I’m too cold and bitter for that.

Sometimes it’s nice to pretend, though.

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