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Arrow Season 2 Episode 5 – TV Review

Arrow Laurel Oliver kiss

Just kidding.

If you’re a fan of Sarah’s pouty sullenness, then you’re in luck.

Everyone else, just enjoy the fight sequences.

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Arrow Season 1 – Season Review

Never leave me, CW.

Next to ABC/ABC Family (not all the time, though), you’re the brightest beacon in my darkness.

And much like my life, Arrow has a lot of darkness.

And strobe lights.

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Film Review: Dark Shadows

Dark Shadows Eva Green blonde hot

“Nope, I’m okay. It’s definitely not a rage stroke.”

So here’s the facts:

It’s a remake of a trashy, 60s soap opera that the target audience (Johnny Depp stalkers) won’t even know about.

Tim Burton is directing it.

Johnny Depp is the star.

Helena Bonham Carter gets a role she doesn’t deserve.

Chloe Moretz.


Why does this movie exist?

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