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The Tomorrow People Season 1 Episode 3 – TV Review

The Tomorrow People Stephen shirtless Robbie Amell

This is The CW, and you are an Amell. You knew the rules.

Huh, I feel like I need to somewhat retract my blind apathy about The Tomorrow People from last episode.

I’m still going to stick to my 5 episode allowance, but this one gives me some semblance of hope.

There might be more to stick around for than just Robbie Amell’s bare chest.

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Once Upon a Time Season 3 Episode 2 – TV Review

Once Upon a Time Regina Evil Queen

Done and done.

It’s back to flashbacks this week, and we go all the way back. Back to the very first episode.

Nothing of value happens, of course. But at least Queenie gets to wear a darling frock.

So it isn’t a complete waste, you know?

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Glee Season 5 Episode 1 – TV Review

Glee Rachel Santana Hard Day's Night premiere

Hey, Quinn already went there. It could happen.

This episode’s title is “Love, Love, Love.”

Nice try, Glee, but we’re not that easily brainwashed.

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Pretty Little Liars Season 4 Episode 7 – TV Review

Pretty Little Liars Emily legs

Though it would be hard to compete with dem legs.

Hanna Fashionistard Counter:
This week is a bummer.
Our count is now 5 in the stink, 2 in the pink (the colour pink being better than stinky. Don’t overthink my terrible puns).

Hanna’s mixture of bland and bizarre outfits aside, you can look forward to trespass, vandalism, theft, and vehicular damage this episode.

You know, the usual.

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Sushi Girl – Film Review

Sushi Girl Crow Mark Hamill

Sushi Gurl, to be precise.

I haven’t seen Reservoir Dogs.

But I do have access to the Internet and, by extension, Wikipedia synopses.

So yeah, Sushi Girl is more than a little bit influenced by it.

It’s got a naked chick and Mark Hamill, though.

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Oz the Great and Powerful – Film Review

Oz the Great and Powerful Evanora Glinda green lightning magic

Except China Girl. Because she’s shit.

Much like my dilemma with Chris Pine, I still can’t decide if James Franco is hot or not.

Most of the time it’s okay, but then he smiles and his eye crinkles explode and engulf the entire known universe.

Oh, there’re also witches or something in this movie. I was distracted.

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Best Of: The Top 5 TV Shows of the Past Year (For Whatever Reason)

Best of TV

So you’ve seen what movies I chose for I Just Hate Everything’s 1st anniversary.

But let’s face it, I post way more about TV shows. Because they distract me from observing and fully appreciating the despairing emptiness of my existence.

So here’s a list.

Also, just a few things you should know:

I’m including any shows and episodes I watched and posted about in the last year. Even if they had aired previous to May 7 2012.

The title should have clued you in, but this list isn’t necessarily my 5 favourite shows. Just the ones I think are the most memorable or important to me (but yeah, some of them are my favourites).

They are in no particular order. Bias? Me? Never.

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TV Review: Glee Season 4 Episode 21

Glee Mercedes fat

I gotta keep it fresh.

And before you break out your Politically Correct sticks and take a swipe at me, know that Mercedes’ size is relevant to the episode.

Which means I can ridicule her for it all I want. Bwa ha.

Alright alright, only a little bit.

Or, in Mercedes’ case, not so little.

Okay, I’ll stop.

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TV Review: Glee Season 4 Episode 19

Glee Rachel Funny Girl audtion Don't stop believing

A better world.

So this episode starts out with several Harlem Shake sequences.

Glee can’t be this terrible by accident. It’s gotta be on purpose, right?

It has to be.

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TV Review: Gossip Girl Season 6 Episode 10

Gossip Girl finale Blair Chuck wedding married

You think that’s a spoiler? Bitch, please. Read on.

I’m gonna apply the same rules to this post as I did to the PLL super-awesome-mega revelations episode:

Seriously, I post mad spoilers, bro. And this episode, the final of Gossip Girl ever, has some pretty huge-ass spoilers.

So for your own good, go fucking watch this episode before you continue reading. You will definitely regret it if you don’t.

Now, shall we?

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