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Once Upon a Time Season 6 Episode 19 – TV Review

OUaT The Black Fairy

It was simply one of the few good stills I could find.

The Black Fairy’s tragic backstory may not have been good. And may not have been satisfying. And may not have included the Blue Fairy, the only possibly compelling element, much.

But it sure was over quick.

OUaT offers us that mercy, at least.

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Once Upon a Time Season 3 Episode 11 – TV Review

OUaT Hook Tinkerbell knife flirt

The words we’d been waiting for him to say.

Major character death?

Entire setting destroyed?

Every character except the lead is gone?

Are we sure this is only a mid-season finale?

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Once Upon a Time in Wonderland Season 1 Episode 2 – TV Review

Once Upon a Time in Wonderland Red Queen fabulous dress

Putting Queenie to shame. Wow.

You can’t argue with those opera gloves.

As Jafar finds out this episode.

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Once Upon a Time Season 3 Episode 3 – TV Review

Once Upon a Time Tinkerbell Regina

Someone needs more clapping.

More Disney whoring. Like child, like parent.

But that’s what we come for, isn’t it?

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TV Review: Once Upon a Time Season 2 Episode 18

Once Upon a Time August Pinocchio wood

Well, he is made of wood.

As your now-bleeding eyes can see, present day August/Pinocchio is back, bitches.

And even I’m astonished that they were able to make him even more horrifying than I could imagine.

Touché, ABC.

You’ve obviously been taking tips on vomit-inducing CGI facial effects from Grimm.

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TV Review: Once Upon a Time Season 2 Episode 15

Once Upon a Time Hook stabs Gold Rumple

Well, if it’s Hook and Gold together, both options are fine.

Emma doesn’t get immediately forgiven by Henry following the revelation of her gargantuan betrayal.

That’s good.

Snow and David work on and almost succeed in a scheme, but are then brutally interrupted by Cora and Regina.

That’s also good.

Young Snow (in flashback) watches her mother die horribly.

God, everything seems pretty good so far. You’ll have to forgive my optimism. I know, I’m scared too.

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Film Review: Rise of the Guardians

Rise of the Guardians Jack Frost Santa Bunny Sandman

Wow, guys, That’s a lot. But no surprises for guessing Santa would win. Creepy fuck.

Family animated movie that is full of genre convention but tries to do something different as well? We’ve seen that before.

Luckily, Rise of the Guardians is better than Brave.

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