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Ciao, 2013 – Blog

NYE Katherine Pierce

Well, it’s New Year’s Eve and I feel obligated to do some sort of year end post.

I’m saving my Best Of stuff for I Just Hate Everything’s anniversary in May, so I’ll just leave a few tidbits here.

I wouldn’t take up too much of your valuable drinking time. I’m doing a couple of packs of Mishka knock-off Cruisers tonight.

Yeah, I’m cool.

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The Originals Season 1 Episode 9 – TV Review

The Originals Camille Klaus almost kiss


It’s a darn breakout of the dreaded almost-kiss this episode.

Can’t you sexy, broody, young things just get on with it?

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The Originals Season 1 Episode 8 – TV Review

The Originals Elijah sick bite

Someone’s been doing their lamaze exercises.

Unfortunately, unlike a baby, you can’t just tie a werewolf bite up in a bag and throw it in a river.

But you can use it as a vehicle to do some exposition about a previously unmentioned but apparently super important love interest.

An interracial love interest.


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Star Trek Into Darkness – CBF Review

Star Trek Into Darkness Spock/Kirk love

I don’t think Spock suffers from the same indecision.

I thought you might want some more aliens tonight.

Hot ones, this time.

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ATM – Film Review

ATM Alice Eve Brian Geraghy piggyback flooding

“And would it kill you to put some tongue into it?”

I’ve been searching for a successor to my surprise horror darling, Absentia, for a while.

Well, this isn’t quite it.

But you know what? I’m tired of looking. ATM is close enough.

Except for that ending. Good god.

Side note: if someone comes in here and tells me that that I missed something and the killer is shown to be tampering with the security footage and I’m utterly wrong, then touché. But I hope they don’t. That would be awkward.

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