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The Conjuring – Film Review

The Conjuring Vera Farmiga Lorraine Warren collar blouse

Change. Nothing.

Vera Farmiga, thank god for you.

Oh, it’s pretty scary and cool, too.

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I’m Probably Not Psychic: BBAU Predictions Follow-up – Blog

Big Brother Australia 2013 Sonia 80s outfit

Just like skinny jeans don’t make you skinny, vintage clothes don’t make you younger.

EDIT: About an hour after I posted this, Big Brother had their Late Night Feast special where the Housemates got drunk (and a wicked case of wine lips). And Tim totally brought up boat people, and although it wasn’t a huge fight, I’m claiming it, bitches. I’m leaving the original post in-tact, but Tim’s should actually read Accurate, and my final score should actually be 6 Accurate and 9 Wrong. Maybe I am psychic.

We’re almost a month into Big Brother Australia 2013, and after 3 evictions, a few of my prediction deadlines have passed.

So let’s see how I did.

It’s not good.

It’s not Movie 43-level bad. But it’s bad.

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Sonia Kruger’s Reign of Average: Big Brother Australia 2013 Launch – Blog

Big Brother 2013 Sonia Kruger silver dress

A lot of her energy is focused on her holding her gut in so this piece of shit dress doesn’t make her look like Adele.

This is a pre-emptive apology to all my non-Australian readers:

I will be following Big Brother Australia 2013 aggressively, and this probably (definitely) won’t be the last time you see me post about it.

Also, brace your twitter feeds.

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Hitchcock – CBF Review

Hitchcock film Helen Mirren Anthony Hopkins ending

It feels good, basically. You get it.

I actually kind of a little bit really loved Hitchcock.

The cast is ridiculously amazing, and the main characters are funny and relatable (not all biopics are born equal, are they?).

So instead of writing a mooning love letter, I’m gonna do a Compliance and just sum this shit up. Save you the saccharine.

Besides, I already puked out over 1000 words on The fucking Apparition today. I’ve earned this.

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Film Review: Dr Seuss’ The Lorax

Dr Seuss' The Lorax Devitto Danny

“Do I still get paid more than Ed Helms?”

So you think a kids movie starring Zac Efron and Taylor Swift is going to be an overproduced, boring mess?

What kind of cynical, soulless bastard are you?

The correct kind, apparently.

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