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Riverdale Season 2 Episode 14 – TV Review

Riverdale The Hills Have Eyes Betty hot tub drink

But get that parasol out of the way. It’s taking up valuable space that could be used to fit in more alcohol.

Riverdale the show apparently feels the same, too, as it continues to sip leisurely from a not-that-good cocktail and be dour and bitter.

The Season 2 blues are no joke.

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No One Lives – Film Review

No One Lives Emma Adelaide Clemens

But you haven’t got Jon Snow around to protect you this time.

Adelaide Clemens is back in the horror seat, bitches.

But her parade’s at its end (ah ha!), because No One Lives is a far cry from the streamline horror pulp that was Silent Hill: Revelation.

Also, I hate Parade’s End.

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I Give It a Year – CBF Review

I Give It a Year Rose Byrne Simon Baker

And lots of swearing, too. I like swearing.

Sometimes you’re in a really good space to watch a slightly vulgar, witty, formula-bending romcom.

And sometimes (like this time. Did you see I was going there?), you’re not.

That’s not to say I Give It a Year is horrible or boring or bland, but it’s… well.

Well, no, it is a bit bland.

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TV Review: Once Upon a Time Season 2 Episode 12

Once Upon a Time Dr Whale Frankenstein suicide jump

Nobody will miss you.

You know who we really need to have another entire episode devoted to? Whalenstein.

He really wasn’t totally incongruous and fucking bizarre the first time ’round at all.

Where would we be without sarcasm?

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