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Arrow Season 5 Episode 13 – TV Review

Arrow Spectre of the Gun Adrian shot

Don’t damage the hotness, Arrow. Gosh.

What’s the solution to gun control, CW show about superheroes?

Well, at least they’re not debating Trump.

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Arrow Season 4 Episode 14 – TV Review

Arrow Code of Silence Donna hot

Move over, Deborah.

Yeah, Donna and Quentin are older people.

But they’re CW older people. Which means they’re still goddamn smokin’.

And can you believe a Quentin and Donna episode is bearable?

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TV Review: 30 Rock Season 7 Episode 5

30 Rock season 7 debate Jenna Jack Liz

And so subtle, too!

Ugh, is anyone else getting tired of how not-hate-able 30 Rock has been lately?

It’s so inconvenient for me.


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TV Review: Glee Season 4 Episode 3

Glee Season 4 Rachel Brodie Dean Geyer kiss

“I sure hope my long-term boyfriend doesn’t choose this exact moment to turn up after having not been around for 3 episodes.”

Well, I’m honestly impressed that it took until episode 3 for Kurt to bash his way back into the spotlight.

And he fucking takes writers’ pet to embarrassing new heights.

Couple that with a heavy Blaine sub plot, and it’s like Glee never even changed. Glimmer of hope extinguished.

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