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iZombie Season 2 Episode 1 – TV Review

iZombie Grumpy Old Liv soccer joke

You gotta keep up with your I Just Hate Everything in-jokes, baby.

Thank Paris, it’s finally CW season premiere week. I no longer have to endure just Scream Queens and my ABC soaps.

Zombie Veronica Mars is back, bitches. And she knows everything. Because she eats peoples’ brains and absorbs their memories.

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iZombie Season 1 Episode 12 – TV Review

iZombie Dead Rat Live Rat Brown Rat White Rat Liv stoned

And I am most definitely not from New Zealand.

It’s time for the zombie secret to break free.

To one more character.

Hey, it’s progress.

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iZombie Season 1 Episode 10 – TV Review

iZombie Mr Berserk Liv shots drunk

And why didn’t the bartender just refill the same glass? Wasteful.

See, I told you I’d be more on time this week.

I literally have nothing else going on, if you must know.

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iZombie Season 1 Episode 9 – TV Review

iZombie Patriot Brains Percy Daggs III

“Why don’t you ask Rob Thomas? He’s right over there.”

iZombie is the sole survivor of the finale week carnage.

So you’ll be getting next episode’s review on time for once.


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iZombie Season 1 Episode 7 – TV Review

iZombie Maternity Liv rat

Yeah, I internalise DVD covers.

What’s better than incurring the responsibility of being a parent?

Experiencing it vicariously through brain-induced maternal instincts.

Oh, so you’ll yuck at eating a fat guy’s brains, but you’re down to chow on a pregnant woman’s? That’s sexist.

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