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CBF Review: Argo

Argo Ben Affleck John Goodman

“Look, Ben, this is your second Oscar. Just be glad you were able to live down Gigli.”

Yeah, you don’t need me to do a full review on this. It’s already won Best Picture. It’s good. You know it. I know it.

Also, I did feel kinda apathetic about it. But that’s nothing new.

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TV Review: American Horror Story Season 2 Episode 2

First episode was pretty awesome.

And now everything is slow and boring.

The American Horror Story writers have clearly been watching too much TVD.

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TV Review: American Horror Story Season 2 Episode 1

American Horror Story Asylum Adam Levin sex scene

“While we’re ticking off our ‘What not to do in a horror movie but we’ll do it anyway’ list, we should probably split up.”
And they do.

American Horror Story is kinda the perfect show for me.

It’s total genre trash, so it’s a breeze to watch and its packed with fanservice.

But it’s also full of cliches and genre trappings, so it’s incredibly easy to whinge about.

And it was created by Ryan Murphy, messiah to all things complain-able on TV.

I am home.

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