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Arrow Season 5 Episode 23 – TV Review

Arrow Lian Yu Adrian gun suicide


Felicity, Olicity, and Curtis aside, this is a pretty respectable season finale.

If only it had, like, stakes and stuff.

You know. Tension.

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Arrow Season 5 Episode 22 – TV Review

Arrow Missing Adrian Oliver gun

Still a better love story than Olicity.

It’s time to break out returning characters to save a dismal back half of the season.

But damn, they know how to get me.

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Arrow Season 3 Episode 8 – TV Review

Arrow Oliver Barry Allen Flash The Brave and the Bold

Compared to Oliver, Barry’s not too flash.

This is the second part of the Arrow/The Flash crossover. I’ve seen the first part, which was a The Flash episode. But nothing of consequence occurred there that isn’t covered here.

The whole thing is really just an exercise in whingeing about ideology, anyway.

Sorry to spoil.

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