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American Horror Story Season 3 Episode 2 – TV Review

American Horror Story Coven Kyle bag pieces boy parts

She’s taking him out of the bag, so is that kinda the same thing?

Well, if I thought raping someone to death was the most fucked up thing this show could throw at me, clearly I was an idiot.

I mean, I’m an idiot most of the time.

But damn, AHS. You’re sick, bro.

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The Paperboy – It’s Not Shit

The Paperboy Zac Efron underwear naked

Oh, I’m pretty happy with this, Zac. But do go on.

There were only 2 things I knew about The Paperboy before I started watching it:

1) Zac Efron appears in many scenes sans clothes.

2) Nicole Kidman pees on him.

How could anyone resist?

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TV Review: Bates Motel Season 1 Episode 8

Bates Motel Shelby corpse autopsy

Yeeeeahh, Shelby’s not so hot anymore.

Aww, so sorry about leaving you out of my Top 5 TV Shows list, Bates Motel.

But you’re still young. Maybe next year.

At least you’ve managed to move past the stagnation of last week. Good for you.

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TV Review: Once Upon a Time Season 2 Episode 18

Once Upon a Time August Pinocchio wood

Well, he is made of wood.

As your now-bleeding eyes can see, present day August/Pinocchio is back, bitches.

And even I’m astonished that they were able to make him even more horrifying than I could imagine.

Touché, ABC.

You’ve obviously been taking tips on vomit-inducing CGI facial effects from Grimm.

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