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Once Upon a Time Season 3 Episode 11 – TV Review

OUaT Hook Tinkerbell knife flirt

The words we’d been waiting for him to say.

Major character death?

Entire setting destroyed?

Every character except the lead is gone?

Are we sure this is only a mid-season finale?

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Arrow Season 2 Episode 5 – TV Review

Arrow Laurel Oliver kiss

Just kidding.

If you’re a fan of Sarah’s pouty sullenness, then you’re in luck.

Everyone else, just enjoy the fight sequences.

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Arrow Season 2 Episode 4 – TV Review

Arrow Black Canary Sarah

Much more menacing than last week.

Continuing on our path of “no kill,” Arrow takes things a step further this episode by resurrecting someone from the dead.

Twice, apparently.

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Arrow Season 2 Episode 3 – TV Review

Arrow Black Canary clock tower Roy

Hey, never underestimate the dangers of a clock tower.

EDIT: I forgot to mention that Blondie up there seems to be defying orders from Ra’s al Ghul. Which pretty cool. Now, please return to your original post:

I thought I’d be a little bit diligent and look up the name of our blonde badass. It’s Black Canary.

I suspected that, but I was enjoying the mystery.

Oh well, she’s a kickass beast, so I’m okay.

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Scary Movie 5 – Film Review

Scary Movie 5 Ashley Tisdale

It’s been in there a while.

I was so close to not even bothering reviewing this at all.

But if I can give fucking Breaking Wind the time of day, I guess I owe at least that much to the zombified remains of Anna Faris‘ abandoned franchise.

Ashley Tisdale should really consider throwing a Bynes or a Miley if this is where her career is at, though.

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Under the Dome Season 1 Episode 9 – TV Review

Under the Dome Mike Vogel Natalie Zea

You had a good run.

There’s no shame in not being as hot as Natalie Zea.

Pretty much nobody is.

And she even gets to be a dirty, sexy, rich douchebag.

It’s really what Under the Dome has been missing.

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TV Review: Revenge Season 2 Episode 18

Revenge Victoria masquerade ball faint

Bitch parties hard.

The masquerade ball episode of Gossip Girl was one of its best.

Both times.

Revenge, obviously, doesn’t get anywhere near that.

But hey, it’s an excuse for everyone to dress up and look pretty.

And isn’t that what soap operas are all about?

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Film Review: Rise of the Guardians

Rise of the Guardians Jack Frost Santa Bunny Sandman

Wow, guys, That’s a lot. But no surprises for guessing Santa would win. Creepy fuck.

Family animated movie that is full of genre convention but tries to do something different as well? We’ve seen that before.

Luckily, Rise of the Guardians is better than Brave.

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Film Review: The Woman in Black

The Woman in Black Daniel Radcliffe

Woah, step the fuck off, haters. Dude’s got a candle. Watch yo’selves.

Fun fact: I’ve never read a Harry Potter book or seen a Harry Potter movie.

I read the beginning of the first book when I was 10 and was so full of hatred for it (I started hating things young) that I took a vow against the series in all its incarnations.

What does this have to do with The Woman in Black? Apart from Daniel Radcliffe being in it?


Dammit, I didn’t think that anecdote through.

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Film Review: Men in Black 3

Will Smith regrets his parental decisions.

NOTE: Don’t get butthurt that I’m a butthead. Read the About and Review Format pages. I’m not a monster, I’m an alien. An illegal alien. Seriously, don’t tell Immigration.

To be completely honest, I forgot this movie was even a thing until my friends (I know, can you believe it?) suggested going to see it. Men in Black 3? Really? Because the second one was so good, and recent too. Topical!

Considering its pedigree, I think this could have been much worse.

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