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Dynasty Season 3 Episode 13 – TV Review

Pictured: me after watching this week’s Dynasty.

Honestly, gays, do we even need Drag Race to come back when Dynasty is giving us this level of camp?

My jush juices never stopped flowing this whole forty minutes.

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Barely Lethal – Film Review

Barely Lethal Hailee Steinfeld guns akimbo

After seeing Barely Lethal, I think I would have risked the shooting.

I’ll concede that I never saw True Grit. But I did see Pitch Perfect 2. And I know that her obnoxious, dipshit character was obligatory in a sequel, but still. She was not good.

Barely Lethal doesn’t do anything to alter my opinion.

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Run All Night – Film Review

Run All Night Ed Harris Liam Neeson dinner scene

“At least I wasn’t in Seventh Son.”

The last 5 star review here on I Just Hate Everything was the previous collaboration between Liam Neeson and director Jaume Collet-Serra.

But does Run All Night have the tightness, plane fun, and Julianne Moore of Non-Stop?

That’s a no, no, and a no.

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Revenge Season 4 Episode 18 – TV Review

Yes, now that every single important character knows Emily’s secret, it’s time for the world at large to get in on the goss.

This is the kind of thing hospital research wing groundbreaking galas usually end on, right?

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CBF Review: Looper

Looper Joseph Gordon-Levitt Joe squint pout smirk Bruce Willis

Squinty and smirk-pouting. His Bruce Willis impression is going well.

It’s the new Inception.

But with more Joseph Gordon-Levitt and less awe.

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