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Blood & Oil Season 1 Episode 8 – TV Review

Blood & Oil Rats, Bugs and Moles Amber Valletta arrested

“Prison would be more dignified.”

Yes, Blood & Oil is still on.

No, I haven’t missed it while it was briefly away.

Only two episodes left after this one. Let’s grit our teeth and bear it, baby.

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Pretty Little Liars Season 5 Episode 22 – TV Review

PLL To Plea Or Not To Plea Spencer pub beer

Oh, wait, this is an English pub. Not an Australian one.

Our high school secrets and mysteries soap opera is now Orange Is The New Black.

Damn transgender lesbians ruining everything.

At least none of PLL’s are black. Phew.

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TV Review: Bates Motel Season 1 Episode 4

Bates Motel Deputy Shelby Mike Vogel

I can overlook a bit of sex trafficking and homicide.

So yeah, Deputy Hide-the-evidence is definitely evil.


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TV Review: Jersey Shore Season 6 Episode 5

Jersey Shore season 6 Deena drunk wasted arrested

Hard wood floors feel amazing when drunk. Try it.

Holy fuck knuckles, only 1 episode!

My life is once again my own.


American Horror Story started again and I forgot?


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