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Dynasty Season 1 Episode 3 – TV Review

Dynasty Guilt is for Insecure People Fallon martini lunch

Dynasty: serving drinks, and looks.

I know I’ll regret it, but I’m calling it early: Dynasty is the new Gossip Girl.

Not only have we got fabulous parties every episode and arbitrary bitchiness, but this episode cements the fact that Dynasty is also gonna give us delectable fashion.

See Fallon’s power suit up there? That wasn’t even for the ironic 80s party. This is her regular day wear.

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The Final Girls – Film Review

The Final Girls finale lightning

Amazing Technicolor Battlefield, indeed.

I promised I’d post my review of The Final Girls back in my review for Scream Queens’ episode titled The Final Girls.

And, like I said then, this makes Scream Queens look like the utter jizz fart it is.

But is that much of an accomplishment. I mean, embarrassing Scream Queens is really easy.

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The Guest – Film Review

The Guest Dan Stevens shirtless

He can be my guest any day.

After the phenomenal It Follows, I had high hopes for The Guest. It has a similar, 80s throwback style to it; director Adam Wingard’s previous film was the above-average slasher You’re Next; and Dan Stevens has ditched doughy Matthew Crawley and gotten cut as fuck.

Well, I suppose I deserve to be punished for my optimism.

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TV Review: Pretty Little Liars Season 3 Episode 21

Pretty Little Liars Spencer catatonic breakdown

At least we won’t have to listen to her?

You’d think an episode of PLL where there’s a discovery of a dead body, a sinking of a police car to hide evidence, and the psychotic breakdown of one of the Liars would be pretty stellar.

You’d be wrong.

As was I.

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TV Review: The Vampire Diaries Season 4 Episode 12

The Vampire Diaries Kol Jeremy arm chop

Tie me Jeremy down, Kol. #rolfharrisreferencenobodywillget

Tonight, an Original dies…

The one with the least character development and importance to the plot so far.

So, you know, Kol.

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