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TV Review: Jersey Shore Season 6 Episode 12

Jersey Shore Deena drunk vagina

My idol.

Every episode I watch of Jersey Shore I find it harder and harder to have something to say about them. Because nothing happens.

I get that we’ve only got 1 episode left (forever), but this wind-down is brutal.

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TV Review: Jersey Shore Season 6 Episode 11

Jersey Shore Snooki sonogram Lorenzo

“Oh wait, it’s just holding a cigarette. Just like mummy! Aww!”

Yes, they finally go to the much-teased sonogram.

And yes, baby Lorenzo is just as mundane as any other baby in a sonogram.

Because “mundane” is the new “exciting,” according to Jersey Shore.

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TV Review: Gossip Girl Season 6 Episode 8

Gossip Girl Chuck drinking in bed

We are one.

It’s just dawned on me that Gossip Girl really is about to be over. I mean holy shit, there are only 2 more episodes left.

I just…I don’t know how to exist in a world without Gossip Girl.

It doesn’t even make sense.

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TV Review: Jersey Shore Season 6 Episode 10

Jersey Shore season 6 Snooki eating

I don’t want to make a cow/grazing joke, but Snooki did bring up bovine during this scene, so…

So the Angelina thing fizzles out immediately.

I really should know better than to ever get my hopes up, but dammit, this is the final season. I thought they might actually deliver for once.

I’m going to have to talk to some gin about this.

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TV Review: Gossip Girl Season 6 Episode 6

Gossip Girl season 6 Serena Dan

The struggle I go through every week.

After watching this episode, one of my friends texted me: “I wish Rufus and Serena would do a murder/suicide pact.”

Wouldn’t it be nice?

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TV Review: Jersey Shore Season 6 Episode 9

Jersey Shore season 6 Paula Mike Situation break up

“You mean he’s not a cartoon character? Aww, man.”

So Snooki actually appears in this episode before the halfway mark.

It’s progress.

In the wrong direction!

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TV Review: Gossip Girl Season 6 Episode 4

Gossip Girl season 6 Blair Leighton Meester headband

And it knows everything.

It’s been 2 weeks since we’ve had an episode. And that isn’t nearly long enough.

But you know what? I’m actually starting to get into the whole “Dan is a cunt” thing.

After all he’s been through on the UES, it kind of makes sense.

Plus, dating Serena for that long, it’s no wonder he’s had a whole bunch of villain dandruff flake off on him.

And he’s Jenny’s brother, so.

Let’s see where this goes.

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TV Review: Jersey Shore Season 6 Episode 6

Jersey Shore season 6 Snooki crap hair

Seriously, what is going on with that?

Surprise! Jenni actually seems to be realising the stupidity of her self-righteous fury.

Well, at least as much as an overconfident, affluent, large breasted club rat can.

So not much. But it’s a start.

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TV Review: Jersey Shore Season 6 Episode 5

Jersey Shore season 6 Deena drunk wasted arrested

Hard wood floors feel amazing when drunk. Try it.

Holy fuck knuckles, only 1 episode!

My life is once again my own.


American Horror Story started again and I forgot?


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TV Review: Gossip Girl Season 6 Episode 2

Gossip Girl season 6 Nelly Yuki

I don’t give a fuck. I’m gonna keep using it.

So the good news is we’ve got 2 characters returning that we haven’t seen since season 2.

The bad news is that Gossip Girl is still a boring crap factory.

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