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Ciao, 2018 – Blog

I’d actually forgotten that I usually post one of these on New Year’s Eve.

So it’s gon’ be a rushed disappointment.

If only we could say the same about 2018, because goddamn, did it feel long.

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The Originals Season 5 Episode 9 – TV Review

The Originals We Have Not Long to Love Freya Keelin bombing

Sidebar: Freya’s “just got suicide bombed” hair is fucking delicious, honey.

The Originals continues its theft of things from Once Upon a Time, it seems.

Not only did they pillage Jaime Murray, but now they’ve followed OUaT Season 7’s plan of hurriedly dumping all the new stuff you introduced in your final season in the ramp up to the series finale.

I mean, I’ll allow it. But why emulate OUaT?

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Anniversary 2018: The Top 5 Movies of the Past Year (For Whatever Reason) – Best Of

Top 5 Movies 2018

I haven’t posted a single movie review on I Just Hate Everything in the past year.

I’m sorry. I know how important it is to have a stranger complain to you about movies on the Internet. It’s the reason why I subscribe to r/movies.

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Anniversary 2018: The Top 5 TV Shows of the Past Year (For Whatever Reason) – Best Of

Best of TV 2018

Another year, another moment to reflect on the fact that I watch too many CW shows.

But hey, at least I gave up on Valor after only two episodes. I love Christina Ochoa, but I’m not that devoted, CW.

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Ciao, 2017 – Blog

Cheryl will always do red on red.

Which is one of the few constants of 2017.

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