Review Format

Your garden variety I Just Hate Everything review will go like this:


TL;DR, for those of you who like the quick version.

Plot summary totally packed with spoilers.

Primary opinion. Again, for those of you who like the quick version.

Why I hate… This is a more blow-by-blow breakdown of the thangs that irked me.

Reasons to watch… But hey, I’m not an Anita Sarkeesian level, biased, omissive fuckwit. Everything’s got something that works. I bring ’em up here.

TV Reviews adhere exactly to the formula.

Film Reviews, including It’s Not Shit entries, will include a final Verdict segment. Film Reviews also include star ratings in the Verdict and TL;DR. TV Reviews do not.

CBF Reviews are short, shitty posts when I just can’t be fucked (obv) getting into things. They’re formatted similarly to any other review, just much shorter.

Season Reviews are formatted identically to TV Reviews. But like CBF Reviews, they’re short and shitty (just like me).

Discontinued posts are simply announcements on the discontinuation of coverage for a particular series. Sometimes it’s too hard to go on, you know?

Review Duels pit 2 reviews against each other. Review Duels, which were originally included to save time, have been scrapped for now. Because they turned out crap and were surprisingly not fun to write.

And remember, I Just Hate Everything is not about stupidly bashing things that you like. That’s not why I’m here. It’s about having fun and recognising that even if a show or movie is seemingly perfect to us, we can still laugh at them, and ourselves.

4 responses to “Review Format”

  1. asd says :

    die in a hole

  2. Anonymous says :

    I agree with the reviews I hate this entire season of once upon a time. Not claiming to be a fan any more. I don’t miss the know it all Snow White but these new characters are the worst 😒

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