Movie review categories:

  • Film Review: blanket listing for all Film Review categories, including ordinary reviews.
  • CBF Review: quickie reviews for movies I didn’t really care enough about.
  • It’s Not Shit: reviews for movies I did give a crap about.

Television categories:

  • TV Review: blanket listing for all TV Review categories, including the episode-by-episode postings that I so love.
  • Season Review: whole season reviews, usually because I couldn’t be bothered doing them per episode.
  • Discontinued: announcement posts for TV shows that I just had to give up on. It happens.
  • Review Duel: comparison reviews. This category has been abandoned.

For a list of TV shows I cover, click here.

I also do the occasional “Blog” blog. Usually me just having a non-review whinge about something.

And I’ve got a yearly “Best Of” thing that I think is super important. Because I’m on the Internet, and my opinion matters.

Pro tip: all categories, including individual TV shows, can be found in the Categories list on the right side of the page. I’m pretty sure you mobile readers don’t have access to that, so just use the links here.

One response to “Navigation”

  1. Sinamuna says :

    I’m shocked you haven’t reviewed the horror movie Frozen! I hope to read that article someday. (If you already did review it, please link me- I can’t find it!)

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