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TV Review: The Glee Project Season 2 Episode 11

The Glee Project Ali winner

Also, spoiler alert.

It’s the final!



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TV Review: The Glee Project Season 2 Episode 10

The Glee Project Aylin burqua head scarf

“Did you know I’m a Muslim? I know, right! Can you believe it? Because I’ve never mentioned it before ever!”

Guh…still…can’t get over…PLL.

Oh well, what better way to disappoint myself than to watch The Glee Project?

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TV Review: The Glee Project Season 2 Episode 9

The Glee Project Lily Aylin hook up kiss

No, seriously, can you? I swear there’s not a camera in there. At least not one you can see.

So the theme this episode is “Romanticality.”

Yeah, I think the word you’re looking for there, guys, is “Romance.”

So we’re off to a good start.

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TV Review: The Glee Project Season 2 Episode 8

The Glee Project Ali Blake kiss

“Yes! Now shut up and kiss me!”

One of the things I missed most while I was out eating myself to even an earlier grave on the high seas (I was on a cruise, remember? No? You don’t care about me) was The Glee Project. There’s something about these little wannabes that is really life affirming.

Kinda the opposite of Glee, then.

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TV Review: The Glee Project Season 2 Episode 7

The Glee Project Nellie Britney Spears fruit

“I was interesting for about 12 seconds today. That’s super exhausting for me.”

It’s Theatricality week, so we should be able to expect some decent overacting and drama, right?

Oh, fuck you Glee Project. You used to be reliable.

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TV Review: The Glee Project Season 2 Episode 6

The Glee Project Blake hot abs pecs chest

Fuck off, Nellie. He’s mine.

Oh god, it’s “fearlessness” week.

You know what they should be afraid of? Ryan Murphy’s ego.

Instead they go with something to do with bathing suits. And rapping.

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Review Duel: The Glee Project Season 2 Episode 4 vs Episode 5

The Glee Project Lily sexuality

“Oh, fuck. I mashed a keypad with my palm. We better start over.”

Geez, I haven’t done a Review Duel in yonks.

In fact the last one was for Glee. Actual Glee.

So what better way to gloss over the fact that I forgot to post a review (and by that I mean “didn’t watch it because I was too busy eating grated cheese out of the bag and guzzling boxed wine”) than to cram 2 together and hope for the best?

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