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TV Review: Gossip Girl Season 6 Episode 10

Gossip Girl finale Blair Chuck wedding married

You think that’s a spoiler? Bitch, please. Read on.

I’m gonna apply the same rules to this post as I did to the PLL super-awesome-mega revelations episode:

Seriously, I post mad spoilers, bro. And this episode, the final of Gossip Girl ever, has some pretty huge-ass spoilers.

So for your own good, go fucking watch this episode before you continue reading. You will definitely regret it if you don’t.

Now, shall we?

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TV Review: Gossip Girl Season 6 Episode 9

Gossip Girl Serena Sage Ivy Georgina Revengers

And this time we’re doing it right. Except Sage. Ew.

Umm, what the fuck did I just watch?

What happened to you, Gossip Girl? You used to be unbearably awful.

Don’t give me this “actually watchable, decent drama and fabulous scheming” shit now that you’ve only got 1 episode left.

Fucking douchebag.

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TV Review: Gossip Girl Season 6 Episode 8

Gossip Girl Chuck drinking in bed

We are one.

It’s just dawned on me that Gossip Girl really is about to be over. I mean holy shit, there are only 2 more episodes left.

I just…I don’t know how to exist in a world without Gossip Girl.

It doesn’t even make sense.

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TV Review: Gossip Girl Season 6 Episode 7

Gossip Girl season 6 Blair

I am shocked. Shocked and relieved.

A post-season 2 episode of Gossip Girl that isn’t embarrasing? I’ll believe it when I see it.

Oh, I already did see it.

And it’s true.

The horror.

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TV Review: Gossip Girl Season 6 Episode 6

Gossip Girl season 6 Serena Dan

The struggle I go through every week.

After watching this episode, one of my friends texted me: “I wish Rufus and Serena would do a murder/suicide pact.”

Wouldn’t it be nice?

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TV Review: Gossip Girl Season 6 Episode 5

Gossip Girl Sage Cotillion Blair dress slut

I am happy to oblige.

Holy shit, I finally figured out how to put black bordering on the text in my images. Only took me fucking 6 months.

Oh, what? Gossip Girl? Oh yeah.

Sometimes I forget that this show exists.

You know how that is.

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TV Review: Gossip Girl Season 6 Episode 4

Gossip Girl season 6 Blair Leighton Meester headband

And it knows everything.

It’s been 2 weeks since we’ve had an episode. And that isn’t nearly long enough.

But you know what? I’m actually starting to get into the whole “Dan is a cunt” thing.

After all he’s been through on the UES, it kind of makes sense.

Plus, dating Serena for that long, it’s no wonder he’s had a whole bunch of villain dandruff flake off on him.

And he’s Jenny’s brother, so.

Let’s see where this goes.

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