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Dynasty Season 1 Episode 6 – TV Review

Dynasty I Exist Only For Me Fallon bathroom blowjob

But it can buy you a caped dress.

It’s a good thing Dynasty recently got picked up for a network television pace-killing twenty-two episode full season.

Because if filler this blatant was part of only a thirteen episoder, it wouldn’t be cute.

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Dynasty Season 1 Episode 5 – TV Review

Dynasty Company Slut champagne fountain

It’s tiny, but I’ll take it.

Sadly, nobody gets pushed into the fountain.

But somebody does get wet.

This is not a pun.

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Dynasty Season 1 Episode 4 – TV Review

Dynasty Private as a Circus Fallon

Usually they’re black, though.

Sadly, if we’re going to continue giving Dynasty the Gossip Girl comparisons, I suppose that comes with the requisite “business stuff” that later-in-life GG kept parading around.

At least there’s still plenty of sex involved.

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Dynasty Season 1 Episode 3 – TV Review

Dynasty Guilt is for Insecure People Fallon martini lunch

Dynasty: serving drinks, and looks.

I know I’ll regret it, but I’m calling it early: Dynasty is the new Gossip Girl.

Not only have we got fabulous parties every episode and arbitrary bitchiness, but this episode cements the fact that Dynasty is also gonna give us delectable fashion.

See Fallon’s power suit up there? That wasn’t even for the ironic 80s party. This is her regular day wear.

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Dynasty Season 1 Episode 2 – TV Review

Dynasty Spit It Out Fallon funeral hat

Is there a soap opera in the world that wouldn’t benefit from an evil funeral hat?

It was just pilot jitters! Thank God.

Let’s. Get. Trashy.

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Dynasty Season 1 Episode 1 – TV Review

Dynasty I Hardly Recognised You Cristal

Fire Nathalie Kelley; hire Shangela.

First impression?

Needs more shoulder pads.

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