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TV Review: 30 Rock Season 7 Episode 5

30 Rock season 7 debate Jenna Jack Liz

And so subtle, too!

Ugh, is anyone else getting tired of how not-hate-able 30 Rock has been lately?

It’s so inconvenient for me.


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TV Review: 30 Rock Season 7 Episode 4

30 Rock Jenna Mitt Romney baseball

Is there any way you don’t get this? Really?

Buckle up, kids. We’re getting political.

Sort of.

But not offensively so.

Thank god.

Sentence fragment.

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TV Review: 30 Rock Season 7 Episode 3

30 Rock Jack laughing season 7

“Hahaha, what kind of idiot would be in Rock of Ages? Oh…”

I think it’s time I admitted to myself that no matter what 30 Rock does, I’m going to love every episode this season.

Come on, it’s going away forever. Let me have this. Read More…

TV Review: 30 Rock Season 7 Episode 2

30 Rock Black Hitler Jenna Tracy

There’s 30 Rock fan fiction? I don’t even wanna.

Every episode is a step closer to the heartbreak of the series finale.

If I had a heart to break.

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TV Review: 30 Rock Season 7 Episode 1

30 Rock Liz Tina Fey green bridesmaids dress

DAE musical episode!? C’mon, guys. There’s not much time left!

Fuck fuck fuck!

It’s the last season of 30 Rock evarrrrr.

I actually tried putting this off for as long as possible because it’s too depressing to watch my favourite comedy limp to the finish.

Luckily, this episode is funny as shit.

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TV Review: 30 Rock Season 6 Episode 22

30 Rock Jack Avery finale

Thank fuck that’s over.

NOTE: Don’t get strung out that I’m a snarky-ass hoe. Read the About and Review Format pages before raging. I’m not a monster, I’m just an obese 20-something with too much time and not enough social skills.

Has 30 Rock ever had a bad finale? I Do Do from season 4 and Kidney Now from season 3 are, without any sarcasm, great episodes. And even though season 6 is not 30 Rock’s finest year, this finale episode is for the most part funny and on point regarding the various plot threads. However…

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Review Duel: Parks and Recreation Season 4 Episode 22 vs 30 Rock Season 6 Episode 21

Damn you, emotions.

NOTE: Before rage quitting because I sound like a dick, please read the About and Review Format pages. I’m not a monster. I’m just a lazy douche.

So I’ve got two new reviews, but posting both would be a bit wanky. So I’ll face them off against each other, which is the hip, alternative solution. Read More…

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