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TV Review: 30 Rock Season 7 Episodes 12 and 13

30 Rock series finale Liz

If only we had a little more time…

So I thought there were 2 episodes of 30 Rock left.

As in, like, 2 more weeks of 30 Rock. I didn’t realise it’d be a double episode.

Needless to say, I was not emotionally prepared enough for 30 Rock to be over.

My heart hurts. And I think (hope?) it’s not just the cholesterol.

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TV Review: 30 Rock Season 7 Episode 11

30 Rock Mini Tracy Jenna twins kids

“I haven’t had my morning juicebox yet, and I don’t want my eyes to look puffy.”

Tracy and Jenna Mini-Mes and a Willy Wonka parody?

So we’re on the surreal end of the 30 Rock spectrum this episode.

It’s tolerable. If only because the world can only improve with more Jennas. Even 8 year-old ones.

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TV Review: 30 Rock Season 7 Episode 10

You’d think that a 2-scene, throwaway return from Hazel probably wouldn’t be enough to utterly destroy an episode of 30 Rock.

Thankfully, you’d be right.

But not by much.

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TV Review: 30 Rock Season 7 Episode 9

30 Rock Devin Kaylie Jenna

Jack’s greatest adversaries. Plus Jenna.

30 Rock is back and it’s almost over.

So what better to do than bring back Kaylie Hooper, as played by Chloe “I said ‘cunt’ in a movie when I was 12. That makes me cool, right?” Moretz.

Because Chloe Moretz is just fantastic, isn’t she?

She isn’t.

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TV Review: 30 Rock Season 7 Episode 8

30 Rock Colleen Christmas

The insult ratio of the jokes just tripled.

Good god, 2 episodes in a row with main character weddings.

And a funeral this episode, too.

I’m sure there’s a Four Weddings and a Funeral joke in there somewhere, but I honestly can’t be fucked.

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TV Review: 30 Rock Season 7 Episode 7

30 Rock season 7 Liz Lemon Criss married wedding

I know I’ve been hard on Criss, but damn, this made me smile.

And I thought Parks and Rec’s proposal scene was emotional.

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TV Review: 30 Rock Season 7 Episode 6

30 Rock season 7 Hazel Wassername


It was a nice ride while it lasted, wasn’t it?

To dream of a Hazel-free life. Was it too much to ask?

30 Rock says “yes.”


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TV Review: 30 Rock Season 7 Episode 5

30 Rock season 7 debate Jenna Jack Liz

And so subtle, too!

Ugh, is anyone else getting tired of how not-hate-able 30 Rock has been lately?

It’s so inconvenient for me.


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TV Review: 30 Rock Season 7 Episode 4

30 Rock Jenna Mitt Romney baseball

Is there any way you don’t get this? Really?

Buckle up, kids. We’re getting political.

Sort of.

But not offensively so.

Thank god.

Sentence fragment.

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TV Review: 30 Rock Season 7 Episode 3

30 Rock Jack laughing season 7

“Hahaha, what kind of idiot would be in Rock of Ages? Oh…”

I think it’s time I admitted to myself that no matter what 30 Rock does, I’m going to love every episode this season.

Come on, it’s going away forever. Let me have this. Read More…

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