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Review Duel: The Glee Project Season 2 Episode 4 vs Episode 5

The Glee Project Lily sexuality

“Oh, fuck. I mashed a keypad with my palm. We better start over.”

Geez, I haven’t done a Review Duel in yonks.

In fact the last one was for Glee. Actual Glee.

So what better way to gloss over the fact that I forgot to post a review (and by that I mean “didn’t watch it because I was too busy eating grated cheese out of the bag and guzzling boxed wine”) than to cram 2 together and hope for the best?

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Review Duel: Glee Season 3 Episode 20 vs Episode 21

Glee Jersey Shore

MTV would do that crossover.

NOTE: Before you get mad that I’m mean, check out the About and Review Format pages. I’m not a monster, I’m actually on the same wavelength as the average Glee “fan”.

So Glee is airing 2 episodes this week? I smell a network trying to dump a shit show. And it also makes a perfect opportunity for me to do another review duel. Mainly because I can’t be fucked reviewing both of these bitches for a whole post each. Glee doesn’t deserve that. Read More…

Review Duel: Parks and Recreation Season 4 Episode 22 vs 30 Rock Season 6 Episode 21

Damn you, emotions.

NOTE: Before rage quitting because I sound like a dick, please read the About and Review Format pages. I’m not a monster. I’m just a lazy douche.

So I’ve got two new reviews, but posting both would be a bit wanky. So I’ll face them off against each other, which is the hip, alternative solution. Read More…

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