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NYE 2020

I know it’s been quiet here on the blog this year. And yes, it is largely due to Dynasty not being able to film earlier thanks to COVID.

But it’s an annual tradition, so here we go!

Also, I lied. It’s not just the lack of my usual content. These back two-thirds of 2020 have given me the opportunity to reflect on the kinds of things I’ve said on this blog. I sometimes read back on older posts and am myself shocked at the digs I used to take. It’s easy to hide behind a shield of “it’s just a joke” or “it’s intentionally hyperbolic,” but that doesn’t render some nasty aside (or, in the case of my cruel and lazy choice to call Dynasty’s Culhane “Black Driver” as a much-too-long-held-onto reference to Arrow, reckless ignorance) incapable of harm.

And in the last eight years, my own heart has grown and evolved – if you follow my posts along the timeline, you’ll see it. When I started I Just Hate Everything in my early twenties, being a salty edgelord on the Internet was in vogue. But I don’t think that’s what I want to be anymore.

I’ll have to wait and see how I feel once Dynasty does come back on the air (or if Julie Plec releases any new shows), but for now, let’s do the annual New Years Eve post, and let’s give it a little twist. 2020 has been malignant enough; let’s keep it positive and show some gratitude for the lights we had in the darkness.

2020, Thanks For:

  • Parasite winning Best Picture at the Oscars. A true and historic triumph.
  • The return of Wynonna Earp, and still as wonderfully gay (and Cheap Canadian Sci-Fi) as ever.
  • The return of Pen15, too.
  • Slasher getting renewed for a fourth season. If it’s not Cheap Canadian Sci-Fi, then I’m also a sucker for Cheap Canadian Horror.
  • Animal Crossing: New Horizons.
  • Streets of Rage 4. The 90s are so hot right now.
  • An entire fleet of Drag Race winners of colour. Definitely the year for it.
  • Dragula: Resurrection.
  • Lady Gaga showing us that all the gays really wanted was a pink bikini and a bit of choreo.
  • Kiesza releasing a monster of a new album. You did it, baby.
  • Close, by Ji Nilsson.
  • Julie and the Phantoms giving us perhaps the best Fictional Band In a Movie/TV Show album since Josie and the Pussycats.
  • And for all the sadness of the absent final episodes, an otherwise iconic and delicious season of Dynasty. Long may it reign.

So thanks for some of it, 2020. As for 2021? We’ll see.

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3 responses to “Ciao, 2020 – Blog”

  1. Carangil says :

    Glad you’re still updating, man! I hope you’ll keep reviewing and being snarky about tv shows, even if you might tone things down a bit.

  2. Edward West-Summers says :

    I just started my own blog and I was thinking of doing my own reviews with my own brand of snarkiness, I also really like how you had captions in the pictures at the start and end of each review, I may do something like that but I Don’t want to just be a carbon copy of what you have been doing. Regardless I do hope to see more reviews in the future.

  3. IHateJuliePlec says :

    COME BACK. I enjoy your snark. I also don’t find you mean at all. You want mean, read my blog 🙂

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