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It’s finally over. What is it with years in this decade ending in multiples of three being just the worst?

Nothing like ending the year on The Rise of Skywalker and Cats to leave a lasting taste in your mouth about 2019, huh?

What I won’t miss about 2019:

Yes, let’s start with the end. What a muddled, useless mess Episode 9 turned out to be. Sure, The Last Jedi was divisive, but at least for all its obvious subversions and how proud of itself it was, at least it was trying to be something. Unlike The Rise of Skywalker, which desperately attempted to recapture the “shut up and clap at these Star Wars-isms” magic of The Force Awakens. But three movies in and at the end of a trilogy, we need more than that, JJ.

Also at an ending, but only because I said so, is poor Riverdale. I’d finally had a preposterous subplot and darkly lit gloomy hallway too many, and I’ve given up. And I really don’t think I’ll miss it.

Game of Thrones also ran headfirst into the finish line (like, into one of the poles holding up the sign. Full concussion). While writing this, I’ve just realised I had forgotten to write my post about Season 8. Which feels about right.

I was dismayed to find out the Schwartz/Savage machine was fallible after all, as Nancy Drew and Looking For Alaska were rotten turds right out of the gate. I’m crossing every appendage I have for that Gossip Girl reboot, y’all.

Oh, and circling back to Star Wars, my pick for Episode 10’s director would have to be Tom Hooper. If Kathleen Kennedy and Disney are truly committed to fucking up Star Wars as much as humanly possible (what other explanation could there be?), then let’s hand it over to Mr Cats 2019 himself. Holy shit.


But it wasn’t all bad, so I’ll miss:

It’s not all woe at Disney, as yes, the basic bitch in me was absolutely on board for Avengers Endgame. Captain America grabbing Mjolnir is an iconic, fashion (accessory) moment.

Speaking of Drag Race quotes, who knew that stripping back the formula and not making an emotionally manipulative, bring-all-your-gowns-from-home-hopefully-you’re-rich, tragedy mirror-fest would be the way to reinvigorate the Drag Race formula? Crazy, right? Thanks, DRUK!

Also bringing things back to basics for the win was Alexandre Aja, finally back in form with Crawl. Horns was bearable, but is there anyone in the world who was the slightest bit interested in The 9th Life of Louis Drax?

I have to shamefully admit that I slept on Netflix’s Russian Doll. The r/television hype turned me off all year, but over the last week I finally got into it, and wow. What an utter triumph. The Natasha Lyonne-assaince is everything. Did you catch her in Ad Astra? Work.

Veronica Mars came back this year, bitches! Sure, Logan died. But I love the fact that this little detective drama from 2004 seemingly never will.

Oh, and saved for last and best is my fair Dynasty. There is nothing gayer or better out there, baby.


Farewell, 2019. Let’s hope I actually review more shows than just Dynasty next year, huh?

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5 responses to “Ciao, 2019 – Blog”

  1. IHateJuliePlec says :

    If they want to kill star wars hire Julie Plec. She will kill everyone at the end but only after she ruins Hans and Princess Leia (oh wait Abrams did that already) if you need a show ruined, Plec is the way to go

    Happy New Year:)

  2. Edward West-Summers says :

    Personally I found the Rise of Skywalker ending with a descendant of Palpatine just taking the Skywalker name to be tacky and superficial. Granted I Haven’t seen it but after Last Jedi “subverted my expections” the franchise was almost dead to me. Thankfully Mandalorian was amazing and brought me back into a franchise I love.

    And maybe It’s just me, but I think they need to take a break from films until they can sort things out. But I do find it amusing that they have yet to announce the next trilogies director solely because it means that Lucasfilm is playing the long con with Rian Johnson.

    • ijusthateeverything says :

      It’s a bit tragic RE the final moment of Episode 9. The movie was perfectly set up to tastefully cut to black before Rey has a chance to tell the stranger her surname, which would have made sense with Episode 8’s notion that you don’t have to be Miss Holy Skywalker/Palpatine Force Princess Bloodline to be a hero. But nah, JJ wanted his Skywalkers, so there we go. Also, I saw this on Screen Junkies: isn’t it weird that in a series where the enemies are essentially Space Nazis, that it’s the heroes who are the most preoccupied with the power of the purebloods?

      And spot on with The Mandalorian. I’d avoided it while it was airing as I just had too many other things on, but I sat down and watched it all this week and it sure was fun. Always here for Gina Carano.

  3. Edward West-Summers says :

    Baby Yoda was also precious as well. I’m really excited for Season 2 this fall. I also heard today that a sequel series to Star Wars Rebels is also in development.

    It’d be cool to see your thoughts on Mandalorian, especially since you are just down to Dynasty review wise. But that’s up to you.

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