Riverdale Season 4 Episode 8 – TV Review

We all know Alice would be unbeatable in the reading challenge.

There is hope yet for anyone who wants more out of Riverdale, as this episode mostly succeeds at the gargantuan task of trying to ground the drama across every subplot.

Sure, the episode winds down by still dipping its toe into this Stonewall Prep, every-Hardy-Boys-author-gets-murdered stupidity. But hey, at least the demonic doll is put to bed on the Cheryl front.

As for Betty? Not a lot on. So the Betty-only Report is gon’ be quick.

TL;DR Betty and Alice have a shared therapy session with Gina Torres; Alice admits she’s afraid of losing Betty like she lost Polly and Charles; they reconcile.

I’m sure Alice has made a similar proclamation at some point in the past, but I just don’t give enough of a fuck about Riverdale to go find and link that episode. If anyone wants to do it for me, feel free to comment.

So the gimmick of the episode is Gina Torres coming in as one classy as hell school guidance counselor/therapist to essentially give everyone a bit of a reality check. For Betty, that means a shared session between her and Alice after Alice gets all pissy over Betty’s Yale rejection, which she thinks is due to Betty’s sexuality. It turns out Alice is just afraid of losing Betty, and Betty it turns out is actually Alice’s favourite child. Grievances are aired, and they make up by the end of the episode. And because it’s kind-of related, I’ll also throw in that Jughead finds out that every author of that Hardy Boys-esque book series has been mysteriously murdered over the years. Except for his grandpa, and that douchey teacher. Who cares? And the laborious spooky flash forward stinger this week is Tall Blonde Guy and Brunette Bitchy Girl stating that Archie, Betty, and Veronica murdered Jughead.

Yeah, we got it, guys.

So not a lot to bother about this week. Which is a nice change of pace for Riverdale.

Is it too much to think that things might start returning to some kind of teen soap normalcy? Could this episode not just be another arbitrary, pointless crap fest?


Why I hate this episode:

I don’t think so. Riverdale hasn’t shown any sign of putting its brain back in its head post-Season 1, so why would it start now? Just give me a reason to leave, show. Drop the Betty ball and spare me.

I’ve said it before, but Lili Reinhart is so much better than Riverdale deserves. I feel embarrassed for most of the other teen cast sometimes.

Oh, and I am not at all loving the increased importance Stonewall Prep is having on the season arc. Could you all just do us a favour and follow Sam Witwer out that window? Thanks.


But it’s not all bad:

Maybe Riverdale is finally (finally!) reading the room, and this episode was a conscious choice to try to scale back all the nonsense? Gosh, why do I find myself wanting to believe this?

Gina Torres is perfectly cast as an authoritative, yet warm presence. Love her.

I am a fan of Alice’s new haircut.

Oh, and as above, Lili Reinhart is fantastic.

Might want to follow it up with some actual film work afterwards, though. Just an idea.

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