Nancy Drew – Discontinued

George already did. And Stoner Guy is so bland and white that a Dynasty love interest role is just begging for him.

Almost a year to the day since the last new CW shows that I discontinued, and it’s Nancy Drew’s turn to be thrown away.

Unlike Charmed, however, I don’t feel any remorse. This one was a complete wash.

I’d love to sum up my reason for abandoning Nancy Drew with some kind of poignant, single hurdle that the show couldn’t overcome. But it’s not that poetic this time around. This show was inept and disappointing in more than one way.

The most upsetting of which is easily the lead character Nancy Drew herself, who in this episode, too, has no empathy, and couldn’t give a single shit about anyone except herself. She claims to be out there seeking justice for Dead Lucy. But nah, she’s just a selfish jerk. Not quite a total cunt; just not very nice, and certainly not worth rooting for.

The tone of the show also continues to be all over the place. I was never sure if the evil rich people party this episode was supposed to be goofy or menacing. Are we supposed to be scared of the ghosts or not? Is anyone actually in danger or not? I don’t know. And after six weeks of trying and failing, I can happily say now that I don’t care.

There is a twinge of morbid curiosity in me that will probably keep me watching on the DL just to see how things shake out. It is a Schwartz/Savage production, after all.

But hey, I threw Looking For Alaska in the bin after three episodes and didn’t look back. And that one at least had a consistent tone.

At this stage, I’m starting to get legitimately scared for how the Gossip Girl rebootquel is going to look. Just make sure you leave Dynasty alone, okay guys?

And if you’re going to throw some more CW stable talent a bone, for God’s sake give them something to do.

Thoughts and prayers for Lucy Hale. With Riverdale in the state that it is, do we really think anything good could possibly come of Katy Keene?

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