Nancy Drew Season 1 Episode 4 – TV Review

Also, Nancy’s mum.

Is it too late to recast Nancy Drew with Shangela?

And also throw out the entire script. Just while we’re in there, you know?

TL;DR Nancy finds out City Girl is indeed lying about her identity, but is not actually that nefarious; George tries and fails to get Tiffany’s ghost to rest, leading to being possessed by her or something; Stoner Guy has a romantic past with Tiffany’s sister, who is out to prove Tiffany was murdered; Ryan and his dad don’t like this, and Nancy’s dad ends up defying them kind of.

Bland Boyfriend is also here.

So following on from finding Tiffany’s ring in her possession last week, Nancy starts to crack the case of City Girl. The truth turns out to be that although she was lying about staying with that rich aunt in town, she could actually be a long lost family member of that aunt, and has come to Horseshoe Bay to find out. Who cares? Meanwhile, with the ring around and ghostly goings on happening, George’s spirit medium mum recommends for the girls to get that ring back on Tiffany’s finger during the funeral so her ghost can fuck off. George does do it, but she forgets some other step about a mirror or whatever, and ends up getting possessed (?) by Tiffany’s ghost to close out the episode. Who cares? Meanwhile, in a subplot with actual promise, Tiffany’s bitchy and forthright sister shows up in town and manipulates old boyfriend Stoner Guy into getting her hands on a copy of Tiffany’s 911 call, which she plays loudly by surprise at the funeral. This casts serious doubt over Ryan’s family’s private autopsy report stating Tiffany died of natural causes. This also coincides into Nancy’s dad’s arc this episode, as he breaks rank during a press conference later on to announce he also thinks things are fishy, pleasing Nancy, who had earlier told him of her own doubts of the autopsy (considering the puncture wound she inflicted on Tiffany when drawing her blood wasn’t in the report). Oh, and Bland Boyfriend installs security cameras at his place, and after getting broken into later, sees it was Tiffany’s sister who stole a USB from him.

I can’t remember what was supposed to be on there. Was this previously established? I don’t really care enough to go back and rewatch.

You know what, I’m about as bored with Nancy Drew as I was with Legacies this time last season. So unless things pick up much more next week, I’ll be done with Nancy Drew, too.

At least Nancy Drew isn’t shitting on the TVD-verse, though. So it’s got that going for it.


Why I hate this episode:

It still utterly feels like, and say it with me, a CW mid-season replacement show. It’s just so bland.

Speaking of bland, poor Bland Boyfriend. So little to do. Just cash your bearer bonds and flee this place, baby.

I’m starting to see why he and Nancy are a good fit, however, as she is turning out to be just as bland as he is. I still have no idea who she is or what she really wants as a character. She’s just a nebulous, virtuous protagonist character with an ever so slight edge to her that sees her breaking into morgues. Do something, Nancy. Be something.

The sad thing is that George is a much more compelling character. She was out here banging a guy who was married and maybe killed his wife, and is infiltrating funerals and getting possessed and shit.

Nancy Drew is ramping up the undeniably supernatural elements, and with George’s possession, the book is finally closed on the “is it real” question. Such a shame. Unless the show gets wacky with it (and these first four episodes in no way suggest it will), I expect a trudge through the remainder of the season of yawning skepticism from most of the characters. This show really needs more tension.

We learn this episode that Nancy’s beef with her dad is that he didn’t call her to be at her mum’s bedside during her final moments. Because Nancy’s mum didn’t want her to be there. So yeah, real mature, Nancy. Again, are we sure you’re not in high school? And yes, I am aware there could be more nuanced explorations of the nature of grief and how we treat those left behind hiding away for future episodes. But honey, Nancy Drew ain’t that deep. The show, or the character.

Nancy discovers that Karen was good friends with Lucy Sable in high school, despite Karen claiming they barely knew each other. And this moment of brilliant detective work by Nancy is brought to you by… Nancy happening to incidentally see a photo in a collage at the high school while she’s there for something else. Ugh, her mind.

Oh, and was I the only one slightly insulted that Liza Lapira is apparently old-looking enough to play George’s mother? That’s Don’t Trust the Bitch in Apartment 23 royalty you’re stepping on, guys. Garsh.


But it’s not all bad:

Always happy to see Liza with a Z get some work (even if it was Super Fun Night), and she brings her comedy chops to a silly minor role. Not mad about it.

And I was telling the truth when I said George was a more compelling character than Nancy. Her little mission at the funeral to get the ring back on Tiffany’s finger is fun and kind of sad at the same time, especially when Ryan comes in and seems genuinely upset over her death. Where Nancy’s story has no depth, George’s has juuuust a little. Hey, it’s something.

George is also the one to perform the mission because City Girl is naturally too skittish, and Nancy in the volunteering scene forgets she’s the protagonist and doesn’t speak up. But she does heroically offer to stand guard after the actually crucial role has been taken. Nancy is trash; George is the hero we need.

The stuff between Nancy and her dad is pretty blah, but anything to get past the phase of her just being awful to him all the time is nice. I also kind of loved the fact that she was willing to brag to him about tampering with Tiffany’s body to prove her point about the autopsy.

Tiffany’s sister isn’t much of a character outside of her brashness, but given her romantic history with Stoner Guy, I’d like to believe she won’t just get killed/written out arbitrarily next episode or something. We need to keep people around who actually do things.

After the funeral stunt, Sheriff Adam Beach bitches at Stoner Guy and threatens to revoke their deal. I wonder what Stoner Guy did to get under the Sheriff’s thumb in the first place?

Martin Donovan plays Ryan’s dad. So you know he’s going to be a comically evil fuckface.

City Girl’s British accent reveal is goofy fun. This show could use more of that.

Oh, and Nancy seems to be with me on the Liza fandom front. As she should.

Murdered wives are funny, right?

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