Dynasty Season 2 Episode 21 – TV Review

I would have also accepted “Fauxllon Carrington,” but it didn’t roll off the tongue as well, you know?

Just when you thought Dynasty couldn’t get any gayer.

I am so proud.

TL;DR Fallon struggles to split her responsibilities between the Atlantix and her publishing company; but learns the value of accepting help; Cristal fools Black Driver into thinking she’s rolling over on Blake, but she and Blake actually manage to finger Black Driver to the FBI as the true criminal mastermind; Jeff finds out about the paint poisoning and isn’t happy with Adam; Dominique and Blake have some kind of shady arrangement; Sam gets his divorce settlement and pisses his money away, to Alan Dale’s chagrin.

It’s enough to give a guy a heart attack. Oh…

So let’s start with the subplot that involves Adam’s drag moment first, as Fallon reluctantly agrees to a proposal from Blake to stand in for him at the Atlantix while the FBI investigation is going on. She’ll also have to take Adam under her wing to show him how to do business, and she has a new author she wants to court for her publishing company. She refuses help from Kirby with the publishing stuff, and this comes back to bite her when she becomes predictably overwhelmed with work (and some coffee-spilling sabotage from Adam), and loses the opportunity with the author. Liam is in her corner, though, and goes to get Kirby back on board, and Kirby does some light corporate espionage on the rival publishing house she’s signed with (the same dudes that scorned Fallon, by the way). Fallon manages to secure the author, keep control of the Atlantix, and have sex with Liam (finally!). Adam does his little drag thing to sneak into her office, but we haven’t seen the why of that, yet. Meanwhile, Kirby struggles with being treated poorly by Fallon, while also earning Black Driver’s ire for ghosting him for three episodes. She works things out with both parties, though, and she and Black Driver similarly unite their crotches later in the episode. Meanwhile, Blake takes poorly to this whole FBI arrest thing, and is immediately on the warpath after making bail. Cristal seems to be losing confidence in him, as he wants to blame her dad for forcing him to blackmail that politician, and Black Driver jumps on the opportunity to encourage her to cut Blake loose. She says she will, but in a disappointing end to her episode, she reveals that it was all a ruse to quietly set Black Driver up to the FBI, instead, and make it look like Blake is just another victim of him and BBB. Poor choice, Cristal. Meanwhile, Blake and Dominique (who I forgot are siblings) bicker about some kind of deal they made for him to pay her off forever. He tells her if she wants to keep it up, she’s gonna have to rein in Jeff. And she’s not doing a great job of it so far, as Jeff spends his episode relishing Blake’s public humiliation, and also setting his revenge eyes on Adam now that he’s found out about the poisoned office paint. And in Largely Inconsequential Subplot Land (that’s Sam’s home turf!), Sam starts splashing cash around now that he’s received his ludicrously large divorce settlement from Steven. Alan Dale disapproves, but that doesn’t stop Sam, who ends up buying a whole fucking hotel to play white knight with some hottie waiter he saw getting sexually harassed. He and Alan Dale have an ugly falling out, and the devastation continues as Alan Dale has a heart attack on the walk home.

Damn, CW. What is this vendetta you have against all the Australian/New Zealand actors on this show? Run, Kirby!

I mean, do you really expect me to go hard on an episode of Dynasty with actual drag?

This is just another fun, competent entry in this by-now legendary second season. Like I’ve been saying, I still want some more stunts and gags like we had near the middle of the season.

But with the season finale on its way, I don’t doubt Dynasty is going to deliver.

This isn’t fucking Riverdale.


Why I hate this episode:

We did not get nearly enough of Adam in drag.

The Dominique thing gets barely a look-in this episode, so I suspect this is just early sequel hook building for next season. It’s a shame. Those coats are everything.

Barring (and God I hope so) a triple cross reveal from Cristal, I’m done with her little faithful wife act with Blake. Grow some fucking ovaries and stop being such a chode, bitch.

I still don’t care about anything Atlantix. Especially Jeff and Black Driver’s takeover bid. The show barely cares about it, too, so why even bother?

Oh, and I’m disappointed that Adam hasn’t had to face more consequences for his known villainy. Fallon has proof he set up the Scummy Mummy thing, and he slapped Fallon in public just last episode. Why does Blake want him and Fallon to work together?


But it’s not all bad:

Probably because Fallon and Adam together is creepy, comedy gold. His bizarre mix of brotherly negging, and brotherly infatuation, is such a hoot. Top marks, of course, to him dressing in drag as Fallon to fool the security cameras (topped off with textbook Dynasty physical comedy of him being unable to walk in the heels). But the moment I most lived for was when he spilled coffee on her while she was on her way to the meeting with the author. Such a simple, classic gag. But Sam Underwood at this point is almost matching Queen Elizabeth Gillies in the “walking cartoon character” stakes. Well done, you two.

Fallon also picks up the episode’s second best line when Adam offers to help her clean up: “Stay away from me, Flowers in the Attic!” It’s an easy point to score. But they’re my favourite kind.

Fallon is the MVP of the episode, as she has these fun subplots with Adam and then with her publishing deal, while also building some character moments to share with Liam and Kirby. I appreciate that her friendship with Kirby isn’t effortless. Fallon is still a tough nut to crack.

And crack that nut, Liam does. His and Fallon’s sex scene is intercut with Kirby and Black Driver’s, and it’s a hard choice as to which is hotter. It’s a yes from me for everyone.

It’s a yes also for Kirby’s infiltration of the rival publisher. She pretends to be defecting from Fallon (which delights that douche Fallon fired), but instead just gets her hands on proof that the company doesn’t pay their female staff the same as the men, which convinces the author to move to Fallon. It’s important, yo.

Blake is largely just a snarling jerk this episode (and with Cristal, it turns out to have been all for show), but I liked the dynamic between him and Dominique. We haven’t seen Blake face off against an equal, really. It’s always been love interests or his children (or surrogate children). So I’m eager to see how he and a sibling will go. We don’t get to find out what exactly their mysterious deal is about. But it’s dire enough that Dominique is apparently willing to sabotage Jeff. I’m in, baby.

But I guess her deal with Blake doesn’t extend to protecting Adam, as she happily offers to help Jeff take that little shit down. Yes, mama.

Jeff is a lot more fun when he’s being silly and petty, so this episode is a welcome return to form for him.

Black Driver’s pleas for reason with Cristal end up being a waste, but I admire that he’s still trying to look out for her. And given that Dynasty didn’t show us what she said to the FBI (and Blake did hit her with that car door for real), I’m hoping against hope for a triple cross. Take him down like OG Cristal never got the chance to do.

Best line of the episode goes to Alan Dale when Sam shows up at the manor with armfuls of puppies: “What’s all this? Are you making a coat?” Well, we know Sam does like animal print…

Their fight at the hotel stung me hard. Alan Dale continues to berate Sam for wasting his money, so Sam hits back that he wants to do more with his life than just be a lowly butler. B.I.T.C.H. You did not just come for my Alan Dale.

I’m expecting mountains of guilt when he hears about the subsequent heart attack. You should feel bad.

Unless he’s too distracted with his little waiter friend, Diego. He’s a cutie. But I hope Dynasty doesn’t overlook the irony of Sam getting Diego’s lecherous boss fired, only to then start hitting on the poor boy himself as his new boss (which I wholly assume will happen).

After Liam kind of catches Adam returning Fallon’s clothes to her closet (he doesn’t see that part. He just finds Adam in the room, but it gave me a chuckle), Adam excuses himself from the situation by suddenly leaning into Liam’s face, sniffing, and saying “nice.” I’m uncomfortable. But also aroused.

Oh, and that’s because Adam has good taste (well, smell).

Just look at this delicious bowl of vanilla ice-cream.

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    Why do you keep calling Michael “Black Driver?”

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