Dynasty Season 2 Episode 20 – TV Review

Give us all that coat, mama. Yass.

Can you believe it? The Colby family are actually going to have a subplot of their own?

Who knew that the solution to the Colby problem was to add more Colbys? Even I didn’t think of that one.

TL;DR Jeff and Monica’s mum shows up, and she is a’ schemin’; Fallon and Liam work together to destroy Adam, with moderate success; Sam and Alan Dale have some fun while trying to go on holiday; Black Driver trips up Blake and the FBI arrest him.

And Cristal is, like, just kind of around, you know?

So let’s start with our main squeeze Fallon, who is on the warpath to expose Adam to her father. When Liam finds out he banged his mum, he’s in on it, too, and together they make a delightful little scheme team. Adam manages to dodge a couple of early gambits, so Fallon does what I’d been hoping for and pulls some Alexis twinanigans to trick Adam into prescribing “Alexis” pain pills, which she and Liam use to drug Adam at an Atlantix event to embarrass him. Adam, however, also anticipates this move, leading to a literal slapfight with Fallon. But when Adam takes things too far, Blake is forced to publicly fire him on the spot. Sadly, he later assures Adam that they’ll still work together discreetly. But we’ll see how long that arrangement lasts while Blake is in goddamn FBI custody. Yes, Black Driver also pulls off a successful gambit this episode to catch Blake. The FBI puts the screws on Black Driver, so he appeals to Cristal by telling her the truth about what he and Jeff have discovered, pleading with her to do the right thing. She obviously doesn’t, and she and Blake think they’ve defeated Black Driver’s paltry attempt to record him with a wire. But psych, Black Driver actually gave the wire to the senator they blackmailed, and now they have Blake on record threatening her at the Atlantix event about all that incriminating stuff they did. The FBI promptly show up to arrest Blake, while Black Driver gloats. I can dig it. Meanwhile, Sam and Alan Dale set off on the Carrington private jet for the Maldives. It’s mostly pointless, but they do have some adorable interactions, and Alan Dale does learn to appreciate how to have a little fun. They end up coming back to help Fallon out Adam’s drug prescription, so whatever. And over in a surprise Colby family subplot, Jeff and Monica’s absentee mother, Dominique, shows up unexpectedly, claiming to be there for her son while he’s recovering. Monica is eventually forced to come clean about how she demanded Dominique not show up last time she was scheduled to visit, and Dominique herself admits she didn’t see her kids for so long out of shame for the failure of the singing career she left them for. Jeff offers her a million dollar cheque as a secret test of character, and Dominique passes the test by throwing the cheque away, and proclaiming that she’s proud her kids are a unified team. But uh oh, a clandestine phone call to close things out reveals Dominique has another family (and kids!), and she’s actually here for some kind of long con.

I don’t know, mate. I would have taken the million and run.

So Dynasty is still keeping things pretty low key in the build up to the season finale. Again, I can’t complain about the otherwise solid little subplots going on. I just hope that they’ve saved some bona fide gags and stunts for the finale.

And with Blake arrested by the FBI, I expect there to be some mighty fine schemes being cooked up by every member of the Carrington family.

Will Adam and Fallon be forced to work… together!? Oh mon dieu.


Why I hate this episode:

It was a little disappointing that Adam was only eventually foiled this episode when he randomly took the slapfight too far. Props to Fallon for pushing his berserk button by insulting his relationship with Alexis, but that only led to the slapfight. She couldn’t have predicted he would have made that momentary decision to escalate it.

I was also a little disappointed when she did her twinanigans gambit. She spoils the whole idea by chucking a big face mask on. Bitch, the point of you using your resemblance to Alexis’ new face is to show the face.

Fallon’s first attack on Adam is to expose the fact that he leaked the kiss photo to TMZ, but she doesn’t show Blake the evidence, or the correspondence between Adam and Scummy Mummy. Show him the receipts.

It was nice Dynasty bothered to dredge Cecil up to play doting dad, but it was weird they brought him back to basically just be a featured extra.

Cristal and Sam continue to be superfluous. I really want next season to give them something to do.

Oh, and I was wrong about Alexis going to New York last episode. Not sure how I misheard that, but she’s actually gone overseas. So yeah, don’t expect her back anytime soon. Steven only went to rehab in Paris and he can’t even make a phone call!


But it’s not all bad:

And I’d like to thank Dynasty for that. Because with Adam remaining unexposed, this episode gives us the cute, sexy scheme team of Fallon and Liam as they work to take Adam down. Their two person comedy routine is totally on brand for Dynasty, up to and including the childish slapfight that ends the game. I’m glad that Liam is genuinely enthusiastic about helping out, and not some kind of begrudging wet blanket. Fallon is a good influence on him.

The highlight of the whole thing would have to be the montage of them attempting to serve drugged hors d’oeuvres to Adam at the Atlantix event. Somehow they make sprinkling drugs on the food of an unsuspecting victim into a cheesy romp. Their aggressive victory pash when he finally eats one is the cherry on top. Delicious.

Props, too, for them figuring out that Alexis is Adam’s weakness. That boy has got some hella mummy issues. He can tell that Fallon is pretending to be Alexis by her scent. Ew.

I really have to commend the Colby subplot this episode. It’s still a little pedestrian to me (again, the Carringtons are drugging each other and shit), but Dominique is a bad, sneaky bitch. Let’s hope she really stirs up some trouble. A showdown with Monica would be delightful.

Black Driver’s scheme against Blake is mostly just busywork to move the plot along, and his anticipation of Cristal choosing Blake doesn’t offer much of a twist. But I relished Blake’s defeat as much as Black Driver did. And the scene of Blake being arrested makes for a compelling instance of mood whiplash for Fallon, who goes from her victory against Adam to seeing her dad being handcuffed. I imagine she’ll have some choice words for her ex-fiancè next episode.

Best line of the episode goes to (of course) Fallon when greeting Sam and Alan Dale as they’re preparing for their trip: “Something is going on with you two, and I’m dying to know what it is. I’m just kidding. I don’t care.” Priorities.

Sam and Alan Dale don’t go anywhere except for the interior of the plane, but however pointless they are, I do always enjoy the wholesomeness of their interactions. Their relationship is one of the few sincere ones on the show.

I hope we get to see Dominique do some lounge singing.

Oh, and always more slapfights. Please.

Never give up on your dreams.

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8 responses to “Dynasty Season 2 Episode 20 – TV Review”

  1. Edward West-Summers says :

    I just remembered. Hulu is bringing back Veronica Mars for a limited series of 8 Episodes (maybe it’ll spark a proper return). Will you be reviewing them on IJHE?

    • ijusthateeverything says :

      Yass, mama. Veronica Mars is still my favourite show of all time (even including that janky Season 3. Sorry, 30 Rock). I’m curious to see if they’re going to be including the two novels in the continuity.

      • Edward West-Summers says :

        You might also like that new Nancy Drew CW show. People have said that it both reminded them of the old books as well as giving riverdale season 1 vibes since it’s a simple murder mystery.

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